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Well I predicted this months ago...well the other shoe finally dropped....Knowing Carl and I have for for almost 30 years.....the only thing he is interested in is to see how much control he can get over RIM...then sell off everying...Patents, equipment....etc...in polite circles he is often called a green mailer, (a take off of blackmail), but Carl is a piece of work....if he gets control of RIM.....all I can say is bye, bye RIM...He'll brake it up and sell it part by part...that's what he did to TWA, (my former client of almost 20 years), striped it clean of assets took out all the money he could and sold off the remains...

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September 27, 2011
RIM Shares Jump on Icahn Stake Talk


TORONTO (Reuters) - Shares of Research In Motion jumped more than 6 percent on Tuesday morning on market speculation that activist investor Carl Icahn had taken a stake in the struggling BlackBerry maker.