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    September 27, 2011
    Huawei and Discovery Team Up to Make Waterproof Phone

    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the world's No.2 network equipment maker, and Discovery Communications Inc, whose cable networks include Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet, have inked an agreement to develop a co-branded mobile phone targeted at outdoor enthusiasts.

    Described as being water-resistant, dustproof and anti-shock, the mobile phone is due to be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 2011. It will retail through operators and distributors globally, Huawei said in an emailed press release to Reuters late on Tuesday.
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    Water resistant... how about poo resistant... that would have saved my original Pre....
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    so really they are more or less making a a military-spec smart phone...cause i think motorola has been doing this for sprint/nextel for quite some time
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    Looks like they killed it before they even started selling it.
    It will have features that include GPS, torch, compass and G-sensor, and be equipped with facebook and Twitter networking capabilities, according to the press release.
    From the description, it seems to be a dumbphone with a little social networking added in. Why wouldn't they make it a smartphone? Obviously webOS is out of the question (for now) but why not Android since it is open sourced anyway!

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