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    I got a new Pre2 from Verizon for my daughter so I was able to see how it compared to my reliable but aging Pre+. Quite a few minor upgrades but it is still 3G and basically what the Pre+ should have been upgraded to with software.

    I wanted a new phone but the Pre2, for 2 more years, just didn't fit. Love my TouchPad & WebOS but the Pre3 is no where in sight and still a 3G - the key to any new phone worth obtaining is 4G IMO. Even the rumored iPhone 4x or 5 is supposedly still 3G - big mistake if that is true.

    Anyway I tested the available 4G's at Verizon & finally decided the Droid Bionic had a lot going for it. When I was able to swing a deal that, after $100 gift card, made it $99 I went for the Bionic. Overall it is extremely impressive - mostly because it is FAST!! I mean blinding FAST!! It is not as smooth and well integrated as the WebOS but it isn't far off & the speed more than makes up for any other minor shortcomings. I will gladly return to WebOS based phones if/when they appear & have 4G (as they already have everything else I need) but until ten I'm keeping the Droid. It's BIG, I'd prefer smaller overall size, but the feel is good, battery life similar to my Pre+ (but with that 4G active) and, did I mention, it is FAST FAST FAST. And I got to keep my unlimited data for both the regular service & the (FAST) hot spot. Great deal.

    If you decide you can't hang on anymore don't ignore this phone - it is a real winner.

    Proudly Microsoft/Apple Free with HP/Palm Pre+/ Driod Bionic / Verizon Wireless TouchPad SOON! NOW!
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