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Some of HTC's Google patents may be worthless

By: Roger Cheng SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 3:00 PM PDT

Some of HTC's Google patents may be worthless | Wireless - CNET News

Some of the Google patents sold to HTC in its defense against Apple may not hold up in court thanks to some missing paperwork.

That's according to Tyron Stading, founder and chief technology officer of Innography, a software company that pores through data related to intellectual property. His company's analysis found that Google may not have had the right to sell two of the nine patents.
At issue were missing signatures from the original inventors of patents bought from Palm and Motorola. In both cases, inventors didn't assign the technology to the company, meaning they weren't in the position to sell the patents. Stading said that in past instances where this has happened, the court will throw out a case if the plaintiff doesn't prove proper ownership of the patents.

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