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    So, my son got an HTC Evo Shift 4G. I wanted to try to mod it to work with a Touchstone, but he wasn't too enthusiastic about me soldering wires onto the motherboard of his brand new smartphone.

    I found a used Sprint Evo Shift on Craigslist for $120. The same night I sanded down the inside of the back until the piece from the Touchstone back would fit and would still close. About a week later, I still haven't bought or borrowed a multimeter so I can figure out where I need to wire it to to get it to charge.

    So I thought I would report a few things about using the phone. It is growing on me, but I will probably wind up selling it and switching back to my FrankenPre2. Or I might keep it around as a wifi device for using a few select apps. I do realize it will take more than a week to get a complete feel for Android.


    Wow, there are a lot of apps. As an anime fan who is studying Japanese, I am most excited about Crunchyroll (streaming subbed anime, and I have a paid account already) and AnkiDroid (spaced repetition software, smart flashcards that focus more on the cards you have trouble with). I am tempted to keep it just for those two apps, even if just as a wifi device. ConnectBot is nice for ssh. The Google Plus app is nice too.

    In the Car

    Pandora and Sprint Navigation work as expected, about the same as with my Pre 2. Unlike the Pre 2, it will actually stream to the car stereo over Bluetooth. I've tried a few "car mode" apps, but nothing has me won over yet. With the piece from the Touchstone back, it will hang on my car Touchstone, but not as well as the Pre 2. It falls off a bit too much.


    For me, Android multitasking is like driving a car with an automatic transmission. It takes care of closing apps for you. I'm sure some people like that. I drive a manual.


    I'm still getting used to the Shift's hardware keyboard. It's a little big for me. I don't feel like I get quite enough feedback from it when a key clicks. I type with my thumbnails, which I'm sure makes a difference. I played with the Go software keyboard a bit, and it's not bad. I like that it has a Japanese IME option.

    More on Apps

    It is interesting to me that a lot of apps can "replace" built-in apps relatively easily. The built-in apps are still there but unused. So far I'm using Handcent SMS for texting and Ringdroid for ringtone management (it also edits ringtones). I tried a few apps that consistently crashed, and quickly deleted them. I also tried Bathing Cat (battery & temperature monitor) and live backgrounds, both of which (especially together) slowed my homescreen down to where I had to wait several seconds for it to load.

    In conclusion, I need to spend more time with this phone to make an informed decision. Tips are welcome. Yes, I've been reading AndroidCentral a lot in the last week too. My nick there is toddashi.

    P.S. A friend works at HP and let me touch his Pre 3 last weekend. It was... very nice.
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    Oh yeah, when I turn the phone, I want the accelerometer to adjust. I don't care if the keyboard is open or closed.

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