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    What do you do with your old cell phones, my wife just got a new plan with a Motorola V60t and she has a pair of old obsolete phones. Is there anything we can do with them other than throw them away?

    I was thinking of sitting outside Radio Shack who gives new Sprint or Verizon customers $50 towards a new phone when they turn in an old one. I would snag down a customer who doesn't have a phone in trade and see if they want to split 50-50.
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    what old cell phone?

    I am still using a Nokia 252 Analog TracFone (prepaid service) from 1999,
    and my mom still uses one of the original analog Motorola StarTacs from '97.

    you can:

    a) sell it on eBay, if it is fairly recent

    b) give it to a police organization. They usually give the phones to victims of sex crimes in case of an emergency.

    c) give it to a parent/friend/relative without a cell phone. The phone is still able to call 911 without any service. Good to just keep in the glove box with a cigarette lighter charger in case they are in an emergency.


    As you can tell, I am still in the dark ages. Unless you are in a large city in VT, your digital phone will run in analog mode (if it finds a signal at all). If you are coming my way, make sure your phone can still work on analog networks.

    So there is no reason for us to upgrade. Digital also means no VP or Treo for me

    - cml
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    cml is absolutely right with suggestion b). In most places either the police, DA's office or some other organization will have the phones refurbished (by the service providers at no cost) and will them distribute the phones to victims of domestic violence, women who have obtained Orders of Protection, etc. The phones are programmed to immediately dial 911 when ANY button is pressed followed by the send button, or just if the send button is pressed.

    If there is no such program in your area suggest it to the Police Dept, DA's office, city/town attorney, City Hall, etc. It is a great program!!!!!
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    Great idea on Plan B, I will call my local PD this morning. I knew I could count on you guys to come up with something good!

    Just like last week when I did not know what to do with my old cordless phone batteries and someone here suggested Radio Shack. I went in there and the sales person was excited and thanked me for bringing the batteries in. He put them in special plastic bags before dropping them in a battery box he keeps under his counter for proper disposal.

    Update : Local PD does not have a program, I will call the local domestic violence center.

    Update #2 : Called my local Verizon store and they have drop boxes in the store for donations to the domestic violence programs.
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