This is from my thread over at Crackberry; figured I post it here as well since it uses a Pre accessory Hack involves transplanting a touchstone charger coil into a Blackberry 9650 Otterbox commuter case and charging the Blackberry through its cradle charging contacts... original thread here -->

Ok - here are pics of the completed hack - I simply removed the coil from the Palm Pre battery cover (pretty simple as its all held on by a large sticker) and salvaged the spring contacts out of a busted tv remote's battery compartment. The springs are attached to the otterbox with a bit of gorilla glue. There isn't a noticable bulge in the case after adding it, so that's a plus but I do believe I need stronger magnets installed as they don't seem strong enough to hold the heavy beast that is the 9650 in a car installed setup - for the desktop however, works great! And now the pics!

There you have it - leave comments or criticisms below