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    okay, I'm really done with webOS now. It doesn't make sense to stay with an OS that's not being supported anymore. Even the pre 3 seems not well made yet so I made the choice of either getting the Iphone 5 or the galaxy s 2. Which one is better and what do they mean when they say DUAL CORE processor?
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    Just my 2 cents, the operating system is way more important to me than the hardware. Even with regards to hardware, form factor by far is a bigger deciding factor than cores and ghz.

    Having only owned a Pre, but having played with ios and android, I think I could adapt to android way quicker than ios. I got the hang of android pretty quick but really struggled figuring out how to move around on ios.

    All that being said, the GS2 sounds great, but I personally don't want a 4.5" phone. Way too big for me. But we don't know what the iphone 5 even is yet. There are rumors about multiple form factors, so it's hard to say to pick one over the other.
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    I am getting the GSII. Not sure i am going to like the 4.5-inch screen, but the EVO3D and the Photon are both 4.3, so its not a huge difference there.

    I have an iPad2 and I just dont like how restrictive iOS is. Don't want my main device to **** me off that much.
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    restrictive? What do you mean?
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    For me, I am waiting to see what kind of stuffs that Apple is putting on iPhone 5. If iPhone 5 is just a spec bump and under 4 inch screen, I am definately getting an Android. However, I am on Verizon. So I will probably going to get Nexus Prime (maybe it's going to called Droid Prime)
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    You should see what works for you best.for example, the iPhone has a more integrated user experience.if you havea Mac and like the user experience the iPhone just extends that...if you like to customize and the like Android will be more your flavor.
    My opinion if you like the latest and greatest, go with the s2.if specs don't matter and you don't want to wait get the nexus s for sprint.30 for the really can't beat that, and Swyping is fun!

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    here is something someone wrote in favor of the GALAXY S 2. It's not mine so I'm gonna paste it. Read people!!!

    well seen as apple is copying android for the iphone5, just get the galaxy.

    galaxy s2 over iphone(any)
    has more free apps
    turn-by-turn GPS
    better battery life (proven)
    better and larger screen
    here is a big one, add a sd card
    better calls
    better camera
    more customizable
    more powerful hardware
    flash support, watch ALL the online videos
    worlds thinnest Smartphone at 8.49mm

    apps; the android market has really improved in quality and quantity over the past few years, and is now up to par with apples app store, and is rumored to actually surpassed it later this year. another plus for the android market is that its open source and the majority of the apps are free. And do things are even only barely available on a jail broken iphone
    another great thing about android as that if you dont like something (keyboard, homescreen, etc.) it can easily be swapped without jail-breaking, unlike the iphones one-size-fits-all approach.

    also don't listen iphone lovers that say Samsung bad at making electronics. what apple fans don't realize is that Samsung produces the screen, processor and memory for apple products so Samsung clearly has the advantage here.The iphone is pretty, but not durable, drop it once- it breaks, all that glass around it? That was honestly a mistake. Android manufactures clearly saw that, and decided to do with something a little more durable.

    And the iphones “retina display” is a huge scam. By definition a ‘retina display’ is one where the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. But this is determined by several factors; most important being the distance between the screen and your eyes. The iphones retina distance is 12in, move any closer than that- say 7in and it’s no longer a “retina screen” because your eyes can now see the pixels, by that same token, if I move my android phone back, to say 16-17in, amazingly, it becomes a retina screen as well! (feel free to google this)

    Also apple never invents anything, there never “the first”. All they do is steal old technology, give it a fresh coat of paint and mass advertise it as “magical” and “innovating”, thus fooling the mass of the population into believing that apple offers cutting edge technology, that in fact has been around for quite a few years.
    So instead of innovating, apple actually hinders technology- after 4 years they still have low-power single core phones, while android, an example of technology in overdrive, has rumored that, after their second year, the release of quad core phones that will surpass even some desktop computers in shear processing power.

    Apple should now feel pretty worried; android has passed it in market share
    Android Is Destroying Everyone, Especially RIM -- iPhone Dead In Water

    Then apple panics and sues
    DailyTech - Google Ex-CEO: Apple Doesn't Innovate, They Sue
    The funny thing is that apple can’t sue for being the first touchscreen or tablet, because they weren’t,(Nokia fist touch screen, “archos” first tablet) so instead they sue for much more relevant things like, “the rounded icon corners” and “having a flat screen” or “the square shape of the phone”……..

    To top it all, if you’ve seen apples 2011 presentation, they blatantly copied over five "new" features that were previously on android.
    Five features in iOS 5 that show how Apple is now playing catch-up to Google | Android and Me

    Apple Introduces iOS5 with Notifications, OTA Updates, Cloud Services and Tabbed Browsing – Android Users Giggle at Their Late Arrival - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog
    1. Notification bar
    2. Twitter integration
    3. No need to connect to PC to sync
    4. Launch apps from lock screen
    5. Tabbed browsing

    And not only are they copies, but apple didn’t even bother to improve, or change some of them in any way- some even have LESS features than their android counter parts, it’s basically a cheap imitation with the ever-popular iphone skin.
    According to Steve jobs, these "revolutionary" new technologies that android users had since 2007 will be available on IOS5, and it would not surprise me to see some more android features from 2008 on IOS6.But the truly sad part is that due to apples marketing, in a few months, apple lovers will really think that apple invented those features and call android the copycats…yet again
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    didn't you buy a bunch of verizon pre2s for $49 the other day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    didn't you buy a bunch of verizon pre2s for $49 the other day?
    yes but I realized I don't wanna keep going at it with webos. I'm already at 12 sold when I get them and I will not even frankenpre at all. Webos is so behind now to me. Some people think differently and after going over it for the last few days, I decided I want the galaxy s 2 or the iphone 5. I've been with the pre since it got released in 2009. It's time to move on. I guess seeing how HP gave up made me realize I had to end it too. Like I said, I know friends who have a pre but other than that, it's super hard to see someone with a pre now a days. Why you wanted a pre 2 from me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thead View Post
    Just my 2 cents, the operating system is way more important to me than the hardware. Even with regards to hardware, form factor by far is a bigger deciding factor than cores and ghz.
    OTOH, I think there's an argument that Pre failed because it was a great OS in "meh" hardware! (Yes, I know there were other factors!!)

    Another way to look at the original question is how much you like to tinker and customise.

    iPhones do the job out of the box, or though an available app. If they don't do what you want, the only other thing you can do is to jailbreak the phone, which is potentially risky, and not for the technically faint-hearted. "It just works" cuts both ways.

    Android positively invites customisation, and arguably needs it to be properly useful. If you enjoy that sort of thing, and don't mind spending time on it, fine. Another point is that all this fiddling tends to leave a lot of stuff running in the background, which is why a lot of Android users experience awful battery life (and battery life is poor on ALL smartphones).

    Both iOS and Android have been around long enough that most common requirements have been included, or a work-around has been found (which is not true of WP7 yet).
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    webos is too inferior. Android and iOS are better. Webos failed miserably in the market. It seems the only people using webos is precentral. If I were a billionaire, I wouldn't take over it. It made PALM suffer and made HP lose money so really, we are just fans of webOS but that's about it. This is why I want the iphone or galaxy s 2 now. I'm undecided.
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