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    If I was going to replace my Prism which would be best--the Palm 515 or the Sony T665. Price is the same. I lean toward the Sony because of the hires display and I think Sony offers some longevity in the market. What do you think? I post this on the Visor board because I respect the opinion of good visor folks more than the people I've met on the Palm and Sony boards.
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    if you want a refurb...go w/ the NR70 . It's $329...

    But if you want brand new, go w/ the T665. You get more bang for the buck...
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    I had the Palm m505 and the Clie T615. The Palm was better due to its small size and battery life. The Clie was great, but the buttons were terrible. At least once a week I would have to install everything because the Clie would get turned on by accident in my pocket causing my Clie's battery to drain. Plus it's bigger! And most of the programs are for 160x160 screens anyways. Great design, but not very practical for day to day heavy use.

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