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    before getting flamed , i have an HD2 on the side and i enjoy booting it with different OSssss once a while (win6.5, android, and now wm7) someone also managed to boot meego/linux/(this thing can almost run anything ) on it.

    i see a hype on porting android to TP, will this help in porting it on Pre3 ??

    it will be a nice side option to have in case HP decided to stop updating the webos on pre3 .

    what are your thoughts?
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    I think it makes absolutely zero sense. Some are interested porting Android to the TP due to them getting it an an extreme discount, therefore they get a fully functional tablet a a tiny cost.
    The Pre 3 has not recieved the massive discount, nor is the hardware alone special. The only interest, at current prices, is for people who want the latest generation phone with WebOS. Basically, the only people buying Pre 3s are people that love WebOS so they will not be putting a crap Android OS on them. No one will spend the time to find a way to port it because noone, save you, has interest in it.
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    makes since, but i also feel that android users would like to port to pre3 , since it has a nice form factor/hardware.

    its hard to find a vertical keyboard android device that meets the pre3 specs.
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    Ok I have to ask.
    And what if HP stops updating webOS????

    I had a Magic but I couldn't update it because it couldn't support 2.2 and later.
    I have an HTC Desire at the moment and a month ago I was close not to get an update to 2.3 :/ Android is so fragmented that you probably if you buy a phone today, it won't support the next update. Not only because it is Google's fault but usually the manufacturers fault.
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    I want webos on their hardware, not android on current palm devices.
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    I can understand the desire. At least to have the option of dual booting between the two.

    There are very few (none?) portrait sliders on android, and to my knowledge there are no portrait keyboard phones with screens in the 3.5+ size (a new droid pro+ is coming out with 3.1.)

    As to why you would want the option of android on it, it would be nice to have access to the larger applications available. Not only third party, but some of the google apps too, like the expanded capabilities of google maps for instance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p25o1 View Post
    its hard to find a vertical keyboard android device that meets the pre3 specs. is not hard, it is impossible. There are none vertical sliders with Pre3's screen size alone, and half-decent other specs additionally.

    Now, with HP semi-officially dropping the ball with the future Pre3 webOS updates, does it spur any additional interest???

    I for one would love to see it running stock ICS (which BTW is getting more webOSish than anything).
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    To get a CyanogenMod port, a few things need to exist:

    1. Enough devices and interest between developers and users to make it worthwhile. You're talking hundreds of thousands. The Viewsonic G-Tablet was one of those devices that had a small but vocal population that normally may not have had a CM7 port made for it on its own, but at the same time it was a rebadge of an entire family of OEM tablets (Advent Vega, Malata Z-Pad, etc.) around the world identical to it. This brought its numbers into the hundreds of thousands worldwide, and thus worthy of a port. The Pre 3 doesn't qualify at all, given both its clean break from the prior Pre units in terms of hardware and its small numbers.

    2. Enough CM developers with devices to port it. I really shouldn't have to elaborate on this one, because it's doubtful that even if CM developers were available, unless people started buying and throwing Pre 3 units of all varieties at them for free (keep in mind, since it's a cell they have to test both CDMA, GSM, and all other types) it's just not worth their initial investment of a few hundred dollars to port CM7 to such a small audience. And the number of Pre 3 owners aren't growing significantly enough to warrant their attention, either.

    3. Hardware components either in the same family as those used in Android devices, or documented more than well enough to have drivers written for them that conform to Android.

    #1 is a no-go. #2 is a no-go. #3 is an open question.

    I wouldn't count on CM7 ever being ported. You could ask the Android community if they'd be interested, but given the rarity of Pre 3 units and the cost of admission (when it isn't a tablet), I doubt anyone would realistically entertain it.
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    the android to touchpad teams were all very lucky in that there were magical devices already floating around ebay/other sources that had android already installed on them hat they could poke around inside (wasnt the first rumoured one from quallcomm?) no such handy helpfull cheat sheet exists for the pre3 that anyones aware of, making it a much slower or impossible task at a guess.
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    Touchpad & Pre3 are webOS devices, and I never have thought to port any other OS in one of them even it is possible.

    If I want Android, I'll buy the device, if I want iOS, I'll buy iPhone / iPad.

    I don't want to bother porting / change the original OS. Sound like betrayal for me

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