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    What should happen to webOS?

    The worst case would be for HP to keep any degree of control over webOS. HP wants to be the next SAP with nothing to do with consumer computers or devices like this. Our only hope is for HP to sell webOS outright. But to whom?

    Many are advocating that one company or another buy webOS to develop it as an operating system. But as HP found, that is expensive and time consuming. Even if someone with the might and heart started today, you would not see a device until 2013 at the earliest.

    What if instead someone used webOS as the User Interface on another OS?

    Google just bought Motorola with the promise that the much hated MotoBlur overlay will be removed and that future Motorola phones will have a "pure Android experience." Pure Android means unfortunately means no Facebook Sync, no Speed Dial, no Camera Zoom, no Visual Voicemail, and the old 160 Character Text Limit. Ouch.

    So where does that leave HTC and Samsung? HTC has their own Sense UI overlay and Samsung has TouchWiz to try to differentiate their phones.

    What if one of them bought webOS to add Cards and other webOS features to their phones? HTC or Samsung would now have: their own hardware, Google doing the core Android work, and webOS in the User Interface.

    webOS features could start showing up in Sense or TouchWiz in months instead of years. Plus few names are as bad as TouchWiz.

    And as a little bitty added benefit, they would have the protection of 2,000 great patents.

    Actually, Samsung just hired CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik. Kondik was the founder and lead developer for Cyanogen who makes arguably the best ROMs (OS replacements) for Android. So Samsung is already thinking along these lines.

    Another option would be for Google to buy webOS. webOS UI designer Matias Duarte would have his old patents back as he works on Ice Cream Sandwich.

    My hope is that someone will take over webOS. Soon. Anyone but HP.
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