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    Original Pre minus owner, flocked to iOS.... yeah,

    In wake of the Pre3 fire sale, is anyone else, or know anyone else like me, who is dumping their OS of choice for a nostaligic last (hopefully not) hurrah to webOS?
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    I am devoted Apple user (I own a couple of Macs, an iPhone, iPad, AirPort base stations, Apple TV, displays...), and have been so for years, but I've always liked webOS and the underlying potential, that's still very much present.

    I picked up a TouchPad on Friday night, and I plan on picking up a Pre 3, despite the fact I'm an iPhone 4 owner and will upgrade to the iPhone 5.

    I can't justify why I want the Pre (or the TouchPad, really), other than that I love webOS, so much so that I'm willing to use my iDevices a tad less.

    Confusing, I know. What can I do, though?
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    Yeh, definetely dumping BBos. Currently got a curve 8520. So its a huge upgrade for me.
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    sorry no. i am the last person i know with a webos phone. But that's been he case for over a year now. Nor will I be remaining on webos.
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    Don't know if I'm definately dumping it because I don't know what the ecosystem situation will be in the oming months with webOS...

    .. but I have ordered one to replace my Nexus S.

    I will probably keep the nexus until ice cream sandwich to see if mathias duarte can save googles *** from what is a technically capable but horribly designed OS.
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    Even tho I returned my Pre 3 HP unopened after the disastrous news last week.. I'll re-buy one when they go on fire .. roll on 99 fire sale bundles .. That will do me until the Samsung Galaxy SII is released with a slider keyboard !
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    I actually abandoned Android early in the year after picking up a reconditioned Pre- and thinking that WebOS was the best thing since self removing trousers. I then waded through Palm's entire phone catalogue in the space of a few months - through Pre+ to Pre2

    Am not entirely sure where recent developments leave me. I am going to try and nab a Pre3 in the firesale when it starts, but no biggy if I get no joy as am still happy with the Pre2 at the moment. Current plan is to wait for RIM to get a QNX phone out and then jump aboard that ship, but am in no immediate hurry. If a miracle happens and Samsung licence WebOS, great. Otherwise, I'll run my Pre2/3 into the ground and worry about a new phone when it falls to bits.
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    In the past 18 months I have owned:
    1. iPhone 3G
    2. HTC Desire
    3. HTC HD7
    4. Palm Pre
    5. Samsung Galaxy S2.
    I've ordered a Pre 3 from the Palm Eurostore. And I will sell the SGS2. The top end android phones have great hardware. But I don't enjoy using android despite its feature set and the best efforts of HTC and Samsung to hide it. I did really like WebOS but the Pre wasn't a great hardware design.
    The Pre 3 will keep me happy for the next 6-12 months. And the touchpad (if Amazon are able to deliver) is all I want in a tablet. Long time I think iOS and Windows Phone will be the best choice for most consumers. And I expect RIM to lose most of their non-corporate customer base.
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    I jumped to Android after my Palm Pre started going downhill very quickly (8 hour battery life on standby, chronic oreo).

    Since then I've owned a ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco), Dell Streak, Vodafone 858 and I currently own a Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy S2 and I'll be honest and say I love Android, but I've always missed webOS, it's still the best IMO.

    I'd planned to pick up a Touchpad and Pre3 when the prices dropped, but I never thought it'd be this quickly. I'll be using both "eco-systems" to see which I prefer and which one I'll use on a day to day basis.
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    Like Loccy, I already abandoned Android for a Pre- earlier this year. I am still rocking the Pre- though and am very keen to upgrade to a Pre3.

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