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    With webOS dead it's either iphone or android for me. I honestly don't know enough about either to make a good choice and frankly I am a bit overwhelmed. Does one or the other most closely resemble webOS in synergy and multitasking?

    Does the iphone 5 change anything or is it just a hardware redesign? I have been reading the Motorola Photon is a nice android phone.

    I would be grateful for any feedback.
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    I can tell you WebOS is most like Android. Android is open, has more free, quality apps then iPhone. Has a true multitasking built into the OS and you can modify it to do gestures like WebOS. Android is a Linux based OS just like WebOS, they are very similar.
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    Seriously, go to tipb and androidcentral (those links in the upper left corner of your screen right now) and educate yourself on your options if you feel like webos is a sinking ship (as I do.)

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    In regards to synergy and multitasking that would be the one you're not looking at which is WP7.
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    Thank you all for your feedback. I decided to try the Motorola Photon 4G and see how that works out. The reviews were pretty amazing except for splitting hairs here and there. NEVER in a million years would I have ever thought I would be using Android. For me it comes down to wanting a device with Flash. I'm going to see how it goes for 30 days with Android and with Sprint. Empolla, WP7 did sound intriguing but I'm tried of being with the underdog. I'll be sure to follow it as it matures. Maybe I'll swing back around.
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    Keep in mind the Nexus Prime will be coming out in October. What is the Nexus you ask?

    It's Google's flagship phone to show off the best of what's possible on an Android phone. It comes with the latest version of Android usually before any other phone and it's handed out to the Google employees. It also is made by whatever manufacturer Google wants. They in effect bid on the ability to become the next Nexus phone by how cool their design is. Last Nexus phone (Nexus S) was the first to come out with NFC and that was almost a year ago.

    Food for thought.
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    just go to an at&t store and use both android and iphone and see what you like.
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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    My next phone will either be the Sprint version of the Iphone 5 or the Nexus Prime.

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