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    Well I want to cry right now.

    Anyways, a new WebOS device is now a figment of our imagination (well for now but realistically we have to think of a world without it). Where do we go on from here because surely our Palm/HP phones will never live forever?

    I don't want to think about it, but my question to you guys is, "Where will you be going if WebOS is long gone?"
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    windows 7, or Fusions grid 4/10
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    I'll be switching to WP7 when my Pre 2 kicks over. Can't stand Android, and I'm not a big fan of iOS.
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    I already switched a month ago to Android 2.3 on the Samsung Nexus S. It's a Google supported device which means a sure stream of early updates.

    I miss swipe to delete, synergy, cards and notifications. Everything else is miles ahead of WebOS: Apps for barcode and QR-code scanning, super fast Google maps with street view, fast app launching, augmented reality apps, fast camera, fast reboot, good battery life, current flash version 10.3. The advantages outweigh the caveats more than enough.

    It's sad really. I started saying goodbye once it became obvious my original Pre wouldn't be getting WebOS 2.0. Before leaving I even eyed the Veer and Pre 3. The Pre 3 was 100 € more expensive and not available, the Veer a little small.

    iOS, Windows Phone 7, Android are all good choices. It's more a matter of taste.
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    I've been in Android with my new EVO3D for a month.

    It's a real freakin shame HP could not produce hardware like this. It's also a shame they still haven't released the pre3 after 6 months stateside.

    I miss the awesome synergy between all my accounts. There is simply nothing like it. I miss being able to have multiple apps open at the same time.

    We all know webos is a superior OS paradigm. Too bad more people were not able to experience it.

    It sucks that now there is a legitimate chance we may not see a future webos phone.
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    windows phone 8 would be a wise choice
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    Went and bought the Thunderbolt right after the announcement. Seems like a good phone, but it aint WebOS. the hardware is rock solid though, and my plus never was. I was really hoping fro a Pre 3, but I'm done waiting for crumbs.
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    I've still got my old treo, so I'm all set.
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    I don't know!

    I feel a bit like there's been a death in the family or something. I'm still using my original Pre! It's not in the greatest shape but I am also off contract as it's been over two years.

    My plan was to wait and see who was going to get the Pre3 and then decide what to do. I was looking forward to a new phone and I will probably get something if the Pre3 does not materialize in the US within the next few months.

    But what? I'm not very excited about the EVO 3D or the new iPhone. *sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I've still got my old treo, so I'm all set.

    I activated my old treo for my brother a few months back. I like the look of the new blackberry slider. I'm still hoping for a webos miracle. Where there's breath there's hope...or so they say.
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    well, how soon will the service to webos shut down? Jan 2012? Will sprint allow us out of contract early without ETF? Will we get to move to a different smartphone without an "upgrade" fee to our plan? Hmmm. I'd played with a WP7 earlier this year and snce I use MS. A lot, this will likely be the direction I take. WP8 is rumored to be right around the corner, so I was already toying with the possibility of leaving WEB OS when my contract was up for renewal. But looks like I got the "It isn't you - it's me, I've decided to grow in another direction and broaden my horizons." speech. IOW % am the dumpee! How will a carrier honor a contracted device that has been discontinued? Hmmm, looks like a call to customer service is in order! Afterall, I contracted with the carrier for 2 years based on the ability to use this device for the duration of the contract. I pay my monthly service fees and have kept my end of the deal. But it appears this device as a discontinued, unsupported unit isn't fulfilling their end. I feel hurt. Have been a staunch supporter/user of Palm products for many many years. Was looking forward to the NEW WEB OS on HP. Bu HP just poked me in the eye! While I still have a fully functioning Centro - my mobile computing needs have gone beyond that device. Will be intersting to see what Sprint will do.

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    I hope an HTC WP Mango slab/slate device pops up on Sprint soon.
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    Though many of you like webOS and don't want to move to iOS, Android, WP7, or Blackberry, their's a new OS coming called Grid OS.

    Grid OS is made by Fusion Garage and they're launching two new products later this year; the Grid 4 and Grid 10. Grid 4 is a smartphone powered by Grid OS and Grid 10 is also but tablet-sized. It's based on the Android kernel, which means it can run Android apps yet it has a similar design that of Windows Phone 7 but WAY....more customizable.

    Maybe this is the next best thing if webOS doesn't live on through licensing or someone buying webOS from HP.

    Check it out at Fusion Garage
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    Bought Transformers for the wife and myself two weeks ago. Why? Because my renew date is coming up on our 4 VZW phones and HP had failed to release any info on Pre3 (carrier or dates) and we made the decision that whatever we were going with we would buy pads and phones that are on the same OS. We looked hard at iOS, but we just couldn't get over the price premium vs android when they both seemed to have the same functionality.
    I was really excited about the Touchpad, but couldn't bring myself to buy them without something firm from HP on the Pre3.
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    This is something I've been looking into since the release of the details on it. IDK about the phone, but the tablet is very interesting...
    I dream of World Wide webOS.
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    If my Veer bites the dust, I still have my Pre Plus, Pre (provided I can activate and use them) and then I'll probably be back to my Nokia E51 and maybe get some sort of PMP. I'm really tired of all these smartphone battles going on.

    After using it for a while, I really don't need very advanced smartphone features. As long as I have one that plays music and video, does email, some occasional browsing, basic PIM features that sync to my Google accont and lets me play FreeCell, and I certainly don't need the stupid ecosystem bullcrap. I don't even use social networking.

    Even my E51 + PMP combo will work fine in that case. I can dig out my old Nokia N810 and get a new battery for it.
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    If the pre3 comes out in the US, I will probably buy it... For now, it does what I need in a phone to do. Plus it will work with the TP I have.

    I will then hope and pray every day that someone licenses or buys webOS and can start getting decent hardware on the market.

    I have played with Droid and Apple's iOS; and I don't like either of them.

    Blackberry seems that they may be in a similar situation to Palm; spend a lot of money and time launching a new OS, while your market share slowly slides away, and hope the new OS can save you. I like having the keyboard there, or portrait slider like the Pre. I have had and do not like landscape sliders.

    If Blackberry has pulled their act together by the time my Pre3 (hopefully) dies then I will probably go that way. If not, that is bridge I will cross then.
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    iphone or android. toss up at this point.
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    I didnt see any kind of threat quite like this so i figured id be the one to kick it off.

    I like the looks of that upcoming Fusion Garage Grid 4 phone. I think im gonna give it a try just to have something different.

    everyone else...have at it.
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