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    Since Handspring is bailing on the Visor line FAST (no longer available is most of their Visors), and I just bought a Visor Prism... I'm wondering if I should return it to CompUSA and buy a Palm or other third party palm based PDA. My husband has my old Neo, so he can use my MemPlug, and that's the only Springboard module I have. So, it's no biggie if I move to Palm or whatever. What would be comparible to the Prism for about $200?

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    Among Your options, assuming color is a priority, are the Palm M130, which can be had for around $200.

    You can get a refurbed Clie T615C for $200 at the Sony website. The refurbed Clie is technically a much better device, from the spec standpoint.

    The Treo 90 is $300, and to my way of thinking not quite the device that the Clie T615 is. That and the conventional wisdom being that Handspring won't be around much longer may further lead you away from the Handspring family.

    Or, you can hold onto the Prism for another couple of years and be just fine. By then the m130 and Clie T615 will be rendered obsolete too (further upgrades to the Palm OS won't be applicable to non-ARM units, or something to that effect.)
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    It's the model I went with to replace my Prism. I'm liking it every time I use it.

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