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    RIM May Release BlackBerry QNX Platform In 2011

    Posted by Ed Hansberry ,August 17, 2011 05:41 PM

    RIM May Release BlackBerry QNX Platform In 2011 - mobility Blog

    The current BlackBerry 6 platform has deep roots that stretch back to a decade ago, when RIM was getting started in the push email business. That was long before you could actually make a phone call on one. The forthcoming BlackBerry 7 OS is more of the same, with some additional features tacked on. RIM has tried to keep up with the Joneses by adding touch to its user interface, but compared to iOS and other touch-friendly platforms, BlackBerry phones are found lacking.

    RIM has decided to end the current platform and start over with one based on QNX, which is a flavor of Unix that is targeted at embedded systems. The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is based on QNX and you can tell it was designed with touch in mind.
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    well like I said in an earlier post, HP needs the next phone to be a homerun, once qnx goes out, webOS will hit a major road block. The only thing that may help HP is a patent lawsuit at that point...

    HP engineers get ure ***** moving! Webos needs to get moving this year!
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