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    something that stood out a lot to me from this article was ...

    Perhaps that has something to do with recent data showing that more than half of Android users plan to bail on the platform with their next phone purchase, and that the vast majority of them say they’re buying the iPhone 5 instead.
    i would love to know where he got this info from.
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    this can only be from sprint customer polling... but i dont remember reading anything about that.
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    Granted, I know very few people on Sprint these days, but the few that I do that are on Android have said to me that they're switching to the iPhone when a) the next releases and/or b) their contract is up.

    I know that's not indicative of the market in any manner, but I wouldn't be the bit least surprised if this was the case according to this "poll".
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    Fortunately for me, there are a few million others on Sprint.
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    I'm either getting a Sprint iPhone or I'm leaving Sprint for AT&T to get a WebOS device or the iphone. Android is not an option for me. I'd rather pay more money to crappy AT&T than stay with Sprint and get an Android device.

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