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    Found this survey, of 2,012 developers, to be interesting.
    Q3 2011 Appcelerator/IDC Mobile Developer Report now available for download | Appcelerator

    Some interesting stats:
    • 2% of the 2,012 developers they surveyed are interested in the #TouchPad.
    • In platform priority — the second 'tier', at 18% — the TouchPad's interest falls behind the Playbook but ahead of Symbian and MeeGo
    • The Palm/Pixi fall behind the TouchPad in platform priority at 12%.
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    I will be sending this section tomorrow to annoy my few android loving coworkers. LOL.

    "Appcelerator and IDC note that enterprises are taking a more cautious approach with Android at scale due to security concerns in which case they are looking to Apple when they go beyond BlackBerry and Windows mobile deployments. In the near to medium-term, despite being equivalent from a developer perception-standpoint, Apple is leading with CIOs today when it comes to mobile deployments beyond Microsoft and RIM."

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