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    Silly article playing on half-truths.

    Android was a defensive move by Google. Yes - ad income is important to Google. They saw early that mobile search would explode. And that the software on those platforms would be more restricted and controlled. The risk was that Apple, RIM and MS would all keep Google search out and thereby threaten their business model.

    Pushing Android into the market (with great integration of Google products) prevented that.

    Android not being a threat to IOS? That's just crazy talk. Before Android appeared IOS was unchallenged on a meteoric rise - now it has been ousted from first place. Sure RIM is suffering - but it would also without Android around. Webos and MS are not struggling so much because of Android, but mostly for various other reasons.

    Google *is* primarily a risk to the *big* rivals. Facebook certainly already feels threatened (busy preventing data export., etc). Chrome follows Firefox in eating IE market share. The whole MS Office cash cow is under attack by Google Docs and GMail.
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    in the end it will be google vs wal-mart not sure why I even read this post what was the intent again??? To say HP has a chance?..
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagster View Post
    so if someone finds a way to undermine it's core business, like facebook is doing . What will happen to Google? That's why it's built google plus. It's a defensive move.

    that's what they mean by 'one trick'. Fundamentally it only has one business.
    I see it as an offensive play. Google's been down this road before, with Buzz, etc., but Plus seems aimed at stuff people (including me) hate about FB. Got an invite today, and checking it out.
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