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    Has anyone switched from the Pre to the Motorola XPRS?

    I'd like to stick with Sprint, and maybe I'm tired of stuff that doesn't quite work on WebOS but might be fixed "soon", like the weird bug with linking to google calendar info more than 3 months out. And I'm sort of thinking that I'd like all the cool apps that my friends can use. And I don't love the Android interface, and I don't love giving Google that much mroe information about myself, but maybe it's time to bite the bullet and do it.

    It looks like the XPRS has a good keyboard and good battery life, both important to me. A sprint rep on-line claims that the phone is unlocked for international use, that is, I could buy a local SIM in other countries to use it on vacation. (I certainly hope so, because their international rates are confiscatory. Their website helpfully tells you it will cost about $30 to check the weather on-line, for instance.)

    How much does the screen suck? How do people like the email? How hard is it to adjust to Android from WebOS?

    Thanks for any info.
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    I don't know about the XPRS (perhaps you mean the XPRT?), but I'm holding out for the phone that was leaked last month from Motorola and Sprint. It looks like a portrait slider, though I'm not 100% sure. Assuming we don't hear anything on the Pre3 before it is announced, I may just go with that. An Android smartphone in a form factor I love? I'm there!

    I LOVE webOS, and am willing to go to VZW for it, but with no news or info on the Pre3, I've gotta start looking elsewhere.

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    Thanks, yes, I mean the XPRT. I will keep my eyes out for that phone. I really like the vertical slider form factor. I'm probably waiting for the Pre 3 to be annouced (with a date and carriers and price) before I make any decision, so odds are I will still be on the fence when this one shows up. :-)
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    Hmmm, is there any way to ask a moderator to fix the title of the thread to say XPRT?
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    <<title fixed>>
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