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    Hey y'all. Found this article earlier, thought it was interesting.

    Apple, Microsoft, Oracle Lead Unholy Patent Alliance Against Android - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -

    With everyone else caught up in a suing war, what do you think HP will do? Currently it's flying under the radar, but with HP's power behind it, hopefully within the next year webOS will start to gain a lot more market-share.

    Do you think HP will voluntarily join the fray, brandishing their giant stockpile of patents?

    Or be forced into it when someone notices someone else is getting a piece of the pie?

    Or just stay on the sidelines eating popcorn, making sure no one messes with them by keeping their own vast array of patents in the forefront of everyone's mind?
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    I think Palm effectively used their patent stockpile to tell Apple to F-Off when they threatened to aggressively protect their patents when the Pre came out and when Palm tried the Sync iTunes to the Pre stunt back in the day. Apple huffed and puffed, but ended up going the code route to block the Pre.

    Funny, I still haven't updated my iTunes to a non-compatible version, but never actually sync'd the two, although I still can if I wanted to. I just dropped some of my music on to the device via USB and called it a day.
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    Oh, right. I kind of forgot about that. I remember reading about it, watching it unfold, but it didn't really affect me. I do the same as you, drag and drop music onto my phone (and more recently, my touchpad.)

    The real question regarding that instance though is what is the reason Apple went the coding route? It could be because Palm had more than enough patents to be a pain, but it could also be that Palm was too small to bother. The entirety of Palm was bought for 1.2 billion not much later, and although that's a big number, compared to Apple, it is very small. The amount Apple could have extracted from Palm from a legal battle would have been poultry.

    We go back to the expected scale of HP's webOS operations. Palm was barely worth a billion, but HP's billions make it a much more lucrative target.

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