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    <<staff deletion>>

    (I'm crossposting this from wpcentral... which apparently deleted that post. For the profanity in the comic, I guess)

    For those who don't follow PA, Charles (the guy pounding on the door) is a longtime apple fanatic, who they used to ridicule around a decade ago for his use of apple products when neither Gabe nor Tycho would touch them. They then chronicled how both of them had apple and their products. So this is certainly an interesting development.

    FWIW Tycho has written about his use of Zunes in the past (though I don't know if he still uses them).
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    aapold.... wpCentral and PreCentral are part of the same SmartphoneExperts network and follow the same rules for posting. Profanity (even in cartoons) is not allowed.

    Forum Guidelines:
    Foul Language - Pre|Central is a site used by people of all ages, so please keep posts, usernames, and links family appropriate. We use software filters to block some common language use and will not tolerate any attempts to beat such filters. Feel free to curse like a sailor at your home, not ours.
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    ok, cool. the news post accompanying was more relevant anyway. Gabe now goes on at length about what he likes about WP7... though I'll warn you there is one or two instances of profanity in the news post.

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