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    I realize there are multiple threads on people leaving for Android but what the's what I miss.

    Background: waited in line June 6th 2009 for a Pre-, loved it except had 5~6 devices (forgot) due to hardware problems. Switched to Verizon in April for work and bought a Pre+ on ebay so I could save my upgrade for the Pre3 when it came out. Was tired of the keyboard being so terrible on this particular Pre+ (never experienced it before on Pre-) so I went and got myself a Samsung Charge. Love it so far but I cant help but wish webos-like features were on here.

    1) Just Type is huge. I think I took it for granted...searching around for apps and contacts and everything is a pain. Contact search SUCKS on Android. There is no first initial + last name search with continually updating "St <space> Sm" for steve smith. You have to enter "steve <space> smi" may sound like a small difference but its huge. Especially as a sales rep with a million contacts all with similar names (hence typing out first names all the time is awful).

    2) Cards. Multitasking. I didnt think I would miss it that much but I do. God do I miss it.

    What I dont miss - not being able to play Pocket Legends (and now Star Legends) and using Kindle. Star Legends is freakin awesome haha.
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    I'm less than 24 hours into my upgrade from my launch day Pre to a HTC Evo 4g. I am thrilled to finally have a larger screen, no lag and ample apps to choose from (including all angry 3 angry bird games for free with current updates).

    I am really missing my gestures, I keep wanting to swipe to go backwards or to change apps. I also really miss my touchstones. The android UI just doesn't feel intuitive like webOS did. The Pre's battery also seemed to last longer than the Evo 4g's.

    I am glad that the cables for my Pre also work with the Evo 4g. I did purchase the extended battery and docking station. I hope the extended battery will make last longer than the stock battery and even though the dock isn't a touchstone, it gives me a place to set it while charging it.
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    And you will miss us ;-) Have a lot of fun with you new devices.
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    Yeah I miss those things. I'll check back when the pre3 is released.
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    I highly appreciate those that have stayed faithful to Palm/Webos but it has been falling behind, just as bad as RIM.

    I, like the original poster switched from a PRE to the EVO last year. Did I miss Webos features? Sure...but that is long forgotten now. There is no feature I truly miss now, not even cards.

    Currently have the new EVO 3D, and it is by far an improvement over the Evo. Twice as fast, never lags...and battery life IS better.

    You dont even need to worry about the 3D aspect at all...its just a highly argued upon topic about the phone.

    By the way, the 3D aspect actually does work, and is enjoyable, depending on what you expect of 3D.

    Wanted to add, havent been on this forum in a year....infact last time I was on was the night before the EVO launched.

    What is a PRE - that I keep seeing in threads?
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    Quote Originally Posted by titansluvpre View Post
    What is a PRE - that I keep seeing in threads?
    Original Sprint Pre ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttremblay View Post
    1) Just Type is huge. I think I took it for granted...searching around for apps and contacts and everything is a pain.
    Someone just asked this at Android Central. That is the better place for tech support on Android phones as this is PreCentral.
    2) Cards. Multitasking. I didnt think I would miss it that much but I do. God do I miss it....
    Someone else just asked this too.
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    That guy's assessment of Just Type in the first link there was funny. Heck, his view of the webOS paradigm as a whole was funny. I love the way webOS removes the app launcher from the central focus of the UX. Combined with the cards, there's one less barrier between me and what i'm trying to do with my phone since it's not obsessed with showing me a screen full of icons every time I swap between apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    You can search through apps, contacts, calendar, facebook and the list goes on with one search. Just press search button and begin typing. It is a lot better than what I remember from Webos.
    I have an epic4g and I can attest to the fact that even though on paper Android has many of the same features as webOS none of them are as polished as webOS.
    Search button on android is actually not as good as just type on webOS. Synergy and linking accounts is the same way; not as extensive or integrated into the OS as webOS. Case in point contact linkage is limited to just 5 accounts not seemingly limited as in webOS.
    overall to me, in actual usage webOS is a much more user friendly device even though on paper it lacks what other OSes offer. That said my experience with touchpad has been a mixed bag it reminds me of the original pre- I understand that webOS 3.0 is rewritten from the ground uP but it seems that no lessons were learned from the launch of webOS 2.0 and webOS 1.0. I have seen issues with nearly all features of the OS from search not finding apps to contacts getting linked on their own to unresponsive UI and random reboots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    I cannot recall any of those problems ever being fixed on the original pre. Still get tmc errors with nothing open and a pile of other problems. Stock Webos is far from polished imo. I think the search on android is a lot better as you can add so many options to search. The contact integration is also a lot better with much more customization options. The only thing Webos does better to me is multitasking but I sometimes wish it had a way to hide all those cards from the screen. A way to key an app running without having a card open.
    I still have the orig pre- and it's been all right in some areas. What I'm really going to miss though, is needing gps, or google maps for that matter, and waiting for it to come up, giving up, having to pull over and reset the phone, waiting again, and then hoping for it to work. It's made me a much calmer person. I can't believe sprint won't sell these phones anymore! Seriously what is their problem??

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