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    Ok I need some opinions from you android guys. I'm considering getting either the Evo 3D or the Galaxy S2 here in Canada to replace my Pre minus. Anyone have opinions as to which is better. Here's my thoughts so far.

    Samsung has nicer screen, darker blacks, no pentile, but lower resolution.
    Evo 3D has higher res screen but lower quality (pentile)

    Samsung better cameras.
    Evo 3D 3D camera.

    Now the CPU/GPU is what confuses me here. In Canada i'm not sure which version Bell is getting of the Samsung, whether it's the Xynos or the Tegra 2. Which one is better?

    Radio speed. The Canadian version of Samsung will work with the 21mbps network with Bell. Evo 3D is 14.4.

    Build quality higher with HTC?

    My preferences are for fastest CPU with best screen. Good camera's help but not a deal breaker for me.

    Anyone care to comment on which they prefer?

    Will the LG Optimus 3 be better than both of them?
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    As this site is a webOS site, I would suggest asking this question over at our sister-site AndroidCentral. The purpose of these 'other' forums, is to discuss and compare webOS devices to other devices. Thank you

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