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    And I know we have students here at VC who actually use their PDAs!
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    Yeah, I know. Pretty sad that there are still parents out there buying their kids $600 toys that they almost immediately break so it can't be returned. It almost sound like he is trying to spite his folks.
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    sadly enough, it happens. Two of my friends got Visors like me after they saw mine, and now they never use them. I can't imagine living without a PDA anymore. People need to get over the "wow factor".

    - cml
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    Im at school right now at my free period doing my homework on Wordsmith, after I am finished I use Instep Print an print the document with my Ir beam with the school printer. I can NOT now live with my Visor and it is sad to see people who just buy clies or palms for the mp3 player that is built inside or for just the little camera that it has. If u want an mp3 player dont get a clie just for music, get a regular mp3 player! Get a cheap digitital camera that can do just as much as the little camera can.Get a palm if you are going to use it for what its for. I am highly against the parents that buy their kids anything they want for any crazy price. All that does is spoil the kids and will make them dependent on their parents, kids wont learn how to be independent thanks to this.

    Just my point of view


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    I recieved a Visor Deluxe last winter, and upgraded over the summer to a T615c after the price drop and with a 10% off coupon with my own money, mainly from hs graduation.

    I use my Clie everyday, and the use is amazing. Mainly, it is for reading and having the news on me with AvantGo and using my belkin keyboard to take notes in class. I can escape my dorm room at college and go to a study lounge or the library and type term papers or assignments on it without compromising deskspace like a laptop or especially a desktop would. The datebook in mine is essential, and I don't do much custimization but I do have games on it to keep me busy during boring classes. The high-resolution color screen makes it easy to see what I am writing in any classroom in any lighting condition. I use the built-in remote to control the TVs in the fraternity house, dorm lounges, classrooms ( ), etc. It allows me to have all my entire life with me at all times as well as a backup on the computer so I don't lose assignments, etc.

    I don't need a T665c or anything higher up. The MP3 player would be nice, but unneccessary as I would have to buy more memory sticks. The screen on the T615c is fine for my needs and I don't care about the untrue reds. Best off, the thinness is amazing, and the price I got it for ($269 about 4 months ago) could not be beat for everything I use it for.
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    you have a goat !?
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