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    Well been through my share of pres from the - to + to 2, and had been waiting for pre 3. I might still get it, but the additional delays that seem to be circulating and the apparent poor optimisation of webOS on touchpad have made me think to take alternatives more seriously again.

    The next most viable platform seems to be Windows phone 7. I have briefly seen the system in action and the tiles interface goes someway to giving me the instant notification that I have come to realise is probably my favourite asset in s smartphone. I am using an old backup windows mobile 6 phone at the moment and one thing I do miss from that ecosystem is the dash elements or widgets like weather so you could always see the temp for example, I know Android has these now (I last used it at 1.5) but I really don't like their measly notification system.

    Now back to notifications, how much will I miss from webOS? It certainly seems like Mango doesn't improve much on them from what I've seen there is an Android esque popup at top of screen or the like is there? Certainly nothing as detailed and as intuitive as webOS. Also the homebrew doesn't seem very active, and I can;t see a free tethering 'app' just a driver hack for the phones. Is there anything else i will sorely miss from webOS besides the superior multitasking?
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    Being an original Sprint Pre and then a Pre+ owner with at&t. I switched to Windows Phone and I do sometimes miss the fun of flicking off apps and the ease of multitasking. My reasons though for switching to WP7 was that I totally fell in love with the Panoramic style apps of the Metro UI, XBox intergration, and really liked the Live tiles too. For me WP7 is artistic and adventurously fun to use.

    If you feel that you may really miss those webOS feature. I suggest that you stick it out to see how the Pre 3 turns out before moving on to another platform. HP looks serious about webOS and I'm sure they are working hard to make webOS great.
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    Well after looking at all the current hardware on WP7 I feel hit with a bit of an anticlimax, nothing too exciting out now. Feel a bit between a rock and hard place really, if I stick with webOS or not I have months to go and current phone gets dead spots during calls.

    Those toast notifications look better than Android but the silly things automatically disappear after a set time without user interaction. I just hope HP starts getting a bit more vocal about their future plans, everything feels so hobbled together at the moment and really that is why my eye has started roving.
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    Look at where Windows Phone has been going for the past year (and actually three years). Is there any reason for this trend to change?

    Palm is just about to release the Pre 3. Don't you want to see it before you make your decision?

    This data is from comscore:
    comScore Reports May 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share - comScore, Inc
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    windows phone is a really good looking OS. If never had to leave webos it would be for windows. Good luck and hope you get a touchpad
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    Look at where Windows Phone has been going for the past year (and actually three years). Is there any reason for this trend to change?

    Palm is just about to release the Pre 3. Don't you want to see it before you make your decision?

    This data is from comscore:
    comScore Reports May 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share - comScore, Inc
    That only says Microsoft, not specific on Windows Phone. Windows Phone might be growing, but since it is not outpacing the rate at which Windows Mobile is shrinking, you have a net negative for Microsoft. The situation on the Palm side is different, with both webOS and PalmOS shrinking and the Veer and Touchpad seeingly having little effect.

    What will the OP miss the most? Cursing HP on a daily basis maybe? That's what I would miss.

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    I'm moving to Windows Phone once mango is share doesn't matter to me as long developers keep pumping out compelling apps (which they are).

    Plus Microsoft keeps adding features to the OS that are built in and not just apps...looks lovely really.

    Worst to worse i switch phones again next year.
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    There is something about Android that turned me off it, I was one of the first adopters in 2008 then the next year I went to webOS. Is it the really deep menus with buried options? Well windows mobile and windows phone seem to have that too.. as did Symbian. Perhaps the lack of immediate wireless cutoffs and airplane mode without an app, but again the windows phones have this issue too.

    I'm not sure what it was really... ;p
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    I would definitely recommend checking out forums for the inside scoop from those webOS users who have experience with Windows Phone.

    There is alot to love with Windows Phone but until Mango hits you will definitely miss multitasking. My .02 is that this should not be a deterent since there is much to gain otherwise.

    On paper the Windows Phone specs hardware wise look unimpressive. However there is nothing unimpressive with the performance. Its amazing. The OS is the most fluid, smooth mobile OS now on the market. From an aesthetic standpoint there literally is nothing like it and its a blast to use.

    From an ecosystem standpoint, you get MS Doc Editing, Hotmail, Xbox Live, Zune, and Bing Maps and Search.

    From an app standpoint you don't realize how much webOS gets treated like a second class citizen until you have access to 25,000 with hundreds added each week. Seems like every website has an Apple/Android/Windows app now.

    I should have been mad at Sprint for not carrying any webOS phones since the original Pre. But considering that Windows Phone is every bit as user friendly an OS and provides the ecosystem that would have been great to have with Palm I'm kinda glad the way it turned out.

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    The graphics showing Microsoft phone usage do skew things a bit improperly. You can't really look back over 3 years when the OS really has only been out for less than a year. The answer to the question "Is there any reason for this trend to change?" is Yes. The trend may or may not change, but a completely different OS is certainly a reason that may result in change.
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    I passed the whole day tweaking the LG Optimus 7 I gave to my girlfriend for her graduation.

    After I spent months on Pre 2 I myst say WP7 feels fantastic, smooth and with a brilliant and intuitive GUI.

    And the price was LOWER and LOWER than Pre 2.
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    I tried out a Samsung Focus for a few days before returning it. There is a lot to recommend. But its the stuff where it lacks that drives me crazy. Specifically the multitasking (or lack thereof). Note this was before Mango, so might be worth another look now.

    Other things that annoyed me was the tiles being too monochromatic (you had to pick a color scheme, none of them were as dark as I would have liked (you got like 16 choices) and all the tiles that weren't live were mostly that color. There was no overall sync (I had to set up separate email accts for each acct and each one could have its own live tile but no unified inbox)... and for some reason the virtual keyboard (this was the focus) drove me crazy. I suppose I could have tried one of the wp7s that had a physical keyboard. But I didn't.

    I'm a longtime zune HD user so I loved the metro UI feel overall.

    But if the reason you're bolting webOS is lack of apps, I can't say that this will be your fix. There have a number of big names... but honestly the webOS facebook app... even the old version... is a lot better than the WP7 one. And overall I find a lot of the apps i used on webOS to be better than the WP7 equivalents. And I couldn't find a lot of the ones I really did want (e.g., I couldn't find a client for playing my online matches).
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    Yeah couldn't give much less of a genie for the apps, use next to none. I just have the growing feeling that buying into HPalm today, is buying onto a slowly sinking ship that will drag me down in the undertow if I don't jump off quick! The no news from HP each day, the constantly slipping Pre3 release date, the non optimised webos 3 which is now apparently tablet only, etc.

    I believe Mango also has linked email accounts which would solve that other issue. Might just have to cancel pre3 preorder and wait until September+ for new wp7 phones and pre3 to compare them.
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    I own a Sprint Pre and an ATT HTC Surround. There's still a lot I miss on my Surround from my Pre: multitasking, homebrew, custom ringtones, freetether, games, single email app, notifications, Just Type, and touchstone charging. While that seems like a lot, I'm still planning on switching my Pre to an HTC Arrive.

    WP7 is really growing on me. The Zune player is amazing, I use it as my main mp3 player. The metro UI is so well done. Everything flows together and doesn't feel disjointed. Most apps even have the same general UI style to make it feel like it's part of the phone. The Live Tiles also keep the phone feeling active with useful information available without opening an app. Being able to use the camera from the lock screen was genius, no fiddling around with loading an app to try and catch a moment. Also, battery life has been pretty amazing compared to my Pre.

    Some nagging issues that I'm sure will be addressed with Mango. No custom ringtones. The Zune player doesn't have a "repeat one" option. Marketplace is a mess, I still can't find anything easily. Game selection is limited which is funny. Microsoft has had this big push around the gaming aspect of there WP7 phones, but I still have a larger collection on my Pre. The Email app, I have seven email addresses, I don't want seven tiles.

    Even still, I got to play with the HTC Arrive and it reminded me of the good times I had with my Touch Pro, the phone I originally had before my insurance replaced it with the Pre. WP7 gave me a better first impression then when I got my Pre. I really like WebOS, but my Pre is dying and it doesn't look like Sprint is getting another WebOS device.

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