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    I knew this would come. I don't know if you guys remember me listing WebOS Social as a feature I think HP should add to WebOS -- and I still do, by the way. But Google+ has reached that dream, even more so then the "Facebook Phone".

    The biggest feature is obviously auto-share (or rather, auto upload then you go and choose which "circle" can see these pictures). Which honestly, is a better and more advanced way of how I was wanting to do it. And it fixes the problem of accidentally uploading an embarrassing photo that you don't want the world to see.

    Other features I like is the chatting feature. To have the ability to create a chat room in your phone. Texting multiple people but all in one chat. And the video chat, which will obviously let you video chat other Android phones at some point (it better, at least).

    I think if Google plays their cards right, and integrate Google+ into Android -- maybe even getting all Android users to sign up somehow -- that they can be bigger then Facebook ever dreamed of. If they don't play their cards right, however, it will fail miserably and allow others to steal and get credit (and profit from) their ideas.

    What do you think about Google+, and it's possible implications for Android and smartphones in general?
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    I think it has potential. Google scares me, but it's soooo attractive.
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    The Google+ app for Android is great. Notifications are instant. I'd love it if Google integrated it into the OS...

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