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    I loved the evo, this is 100 times better. Very nice upgrade. 3D pictures are very cool but it is tough because there is no one to share them with, except the thread where we are all sharing them. I have taken some amazing 3D pictures. It's A fun little add on to the device.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    ...easier to find contacts on the Pre with Just Type.
    ...Double tap zoom in is WAY better on the Pre.
    ...Multi-tasking is obviously hands down better on the Pre.
    ...I still cant get used to the on screen keyboard.
    ...The app store is larger on Android.
    ...Notifications are way better on Webos. Especially since you can clear one at a time.
    ...The integrated mail app is better on WebOS.
    Even an experienced pilot needs a checkride in a new plane. Every cockpit is different.
    • Contacts: Send a text or email or make a call without looking up a contact.
    • Zoom: Try Pinch out for greater control or try a browser like Dolphin or Opera.
    Multitasking: Do you want cards like Perfect Task, Visual Task, Wave, or Itching offer?
    Keyboards like SwiftKey learn your words to reduce typing.
    Don't type unless you have to.
    • 250,000 Apps: But here are 200 favorites.
    • Notifications: Executive Assistant lets you respond individually from the lock screen.
    Email: Consider the free K-9 Mail app.

    See the Android Getting Started guide and this EVO 3D thread for more at our sister-site, Android Central.
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    This site rocks. Not only is there great support for the Pre, there's even great support for people who leave the pre (or are considering doing so, such as me.)
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    Precentral is more active than android central so I stick around here just catching up on WebOS news, but i try to only post in this section so i don't ruffle feathers.
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    This forum is defined to: "Share non-HP Palm device news and facts to compare competing devices. Warning: This is not a place to debate or argue!"

    This thread and the facts being given fit that exactly. People are politely comparing facts about a competing device. If someone wants tech support on a competing product, they seem to be going to those forums.

    I think that part of the reason that there really is not a lot of discussion on other forums is that people are active as they pick a new phone and find the features and apps they want, but they may not come back much until they start looking for their next device.
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    I switched to the evo 3d about 3 weeks ago and I'm starting to have second thoughts about it. I had a frankenpre + that had randomly shut down on me a couple of times and it passed me off so I went out and bought the 3d. Its a great phone, fast, reliable, good battery life, and of course tons of apps. But thinking about going back to my pre. I just dont enjoy using the evo like I did my pre. I miss the keyboard, touchstone, and mostly webos.

    I would also like to be able to use freetether with my new touchpad, but I'm sure I can find an alternative to that on android. I just havent found anything yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJBlauw View Post
    I switched to the evo 3d about 3 weeks ago...

    I would also like to be able to use freetether...
    Android Central EVO 3D forums offer EVO 3D support.

    The Android Market has 54 Tethering Apps such as PdaNet and EasyTether Lite. See the Android Getting Started Guide section on Applications for more on Tethering.
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    Do you know which tablets can be used with a tether (not an open wifi connection)

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    Quote Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post

    Do you know which tablets can be used with a tether (not an open wifi connection)

    I found instructions for pairing an Android Phone to the Xoom ($399 now at Staples). As this guide points out, you basically just need a tablet that has Bluetooth but I would check before I would buy.

    I think I would use PDAnet as many are suggesting. It is by the same people who started out with the Treo version long ago.
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