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    I was wondering if anyone has sucessfully been able to use the T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition (also known as the o2 XDA) with Cingular wireless, and if so, what steps had to be taken for it to work.

    I live in Southern California, and currently use a Treo 180 with Cingular service, and am not looking to pay the $150 disconnect fee, plus $500 for the PPC.

    Instead, i've been looking for it on ebay, and you can find them slightly used, from about $150, or new, for around $300-$400.

    Basically, before i take the plunge, and pick one up, i just want to make sure it will work with Cingular.

    Thanks in advance, i tried searching before posting, and couldn't find any threads already about this.

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    I doubt this would work. Not only is this phone a T-Mobile exclusive, it is actually a T-Mobile branded phone! The pocketpc will be locked to them. I am sure Cingular will add another smartphone to their roster soon. Not happy with the treo?
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    Right now, Cingular has VERY FEW SmartPhones available on its network. However Cingular has signaled its intention to get into the race quickly. Currently, the only two SmartPhones with clear rumors or statements are the Danger SideKick and the Sendo SmartPhone 2002 phone.

    However, with rumors that Cingular is considering buying out T-Mobile, it is likely there is a plan in place to go with a far more aggresive strategy which will include a PocketPC Smartphone like T-Mobile's. Perhaps the Siemens SX56 being used by AT&T Wireless.
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    Well, i love the treo, just that i've been wanting to upgrade to the Pocket PC os ever since playing around with my friends ipaq.

    Maybe i'll hold off and see what handspring will come up with next.
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    Originally posted by s0niqu3
    Maybe i'll hold off and see what handspring will come up with next.
    I wouldn't bother. Frankly, I doubt Handspring will even be around next year, at least not as an independent company.
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    When I was searching for my TMobilePPC on eBay...I saw one that was described as UNLOCKED also noting that you can use it on any GSM carrier.

    I discounted it as being incorrectly written but I wouldn't rule it out. Maybe someone knows how to unlock it.

    TMobile didn't create the device. They just branded it.
    O2-XDA, the T-Mobile PPC, The ATT Siemens version. They all appear to be the same exact hardware, rebranded with software tweaks. I wouldn't rule out unlocking one for use on Cingular. Keep investigating!
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    I have Cingular and T-Mobile service. I have unlocked my T-Mobile(can do it after 14 days of service) and used that sim in my Nokia 6340 in ATL where GSM is not technically available yet.

    I had no problem using the phone on Cingualr's network as well as no problems accessing voicemail. You cany buy unlocked phones and they should work with any GSM provider.

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