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    • Multi-Tasking using Cards - well that sounds and really looks familiar to us
    • Socialnetworks integration in Contacts is better than Webos just having photo and adress, and birthday in the contacts. Contact-Synergy made the first huge step there but many now are ahead in this game with statusupdates right there without having to open facebook, twitter deicated app...
    • grouping in contacts is possible - that would also be welcome for webos cause synergy in contacs fills your list rapidly and the new favorites in webos is just small workaround to that. that grouping in phone 7.5 also applies to status updates
    • Chats are now a lot like messaging synergy
    • Voice turn by turn navigation in bing brings perhaps some hope for future webOS implementations of bing on phones

    Much more here:

    Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in-depth preview (video) -- Engadget
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    I'm actually going to Windows Phone in the fall after Mango comes out.

    Excited about it. I already use Zune and Xbox live...almost just makes sense.

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