Right now there is no clear number 3 in mobile Operating System and if Touchpad becomes a hit product, HP can easily be the third big Mobile company after Apple and Android.

I think by next year it will a straight competition between HP and Microsoft for the third position, both of these companies have a good SDK and have easy way to develop apps, which are the necessity of today's mobile market.

RIM Developers Defecting to IPhone, Android - Bloomberg

Expensive ‘Gotchas’

The developers are stepping back from BlackBerry because they say creating apps is too complex and costly for the size of the market. RIM’s devices have different screens sizes, varied operating systems and several ways to navigate, from a physical keyboard to touchscreen to a scroll button.

“As soon as RIM brought in a touchscreen and mixed it with a thumbwheel, a keyboard and shortcut keys, it made it really difficult and expensive to develop across devices,” said Purple Forge CEO Brian Hurley. “What Apple scored big on is having a touch screen and a button and that’s it.”

There are also costly surprises that turn up during development for RIM, Hurley said in an interview.

“In deploying Apple applications, there are very few surprises,” said Hurley. “In Android, there are increasingly more surprises. But in BlackBerry, there are immediately lots of gotchas across the board.”