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    I would be all over this if not for the hands-free only design. 320x320 with an SD slot and keyboard! Very nice design... I wonder if RIM will sue them over their keyboard as well?

    Is anyone actually thinking of dropping their Treo for this when it is released?
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    According to MY RESEARCH this device will not be a Treo Killer... unless your Treo is the 180. The Tungsten W is a decent first-step for Palm into the SmartPhone arena, but really does not bring anything new to the table (aside from the Palm brand name). Even the MSNBC reviewer felt that the Treo was a superior device.

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    Quoted from the MSNBC Article:

    "The W seems to be a nice design, but I feel it’s incomplete — especially when you compare it to the competition. Handspring’s Treo (180, 270 or 300) is smaller, lighter and miles ahead in usability. "

    Nice... And I wasn't saying it IS a Treo Killer, I was just posing a question for further discussion...
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    It might be able to beat treo for wiresless data - but it doesn't function as a phone well, because you have to have a headset to use it.

    Kyrocera's new phone/pda could be a Treo killer- but again not any of have the same light size and shape that the Treo is able to pull off.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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