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    Don't bet on takeover of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, analysts say
    By Craig Wong, The Canadian Press | June 24, 2011

    Don't bet on takeover of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, analysts say |

    OTTAWA - Research In Motion, once the most valuable company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, may look like a bargain today for a potential buyer, but analysts say investors shouldn't bet on a takeover.
    With RIM currently worth just under $15 billion, down from about $70 billion when its stock was soaring a few years ago, industry watchers speculate a bigger company might now want to bid for Canada's best known technology player.
    The list of companies willing and able to make a bid for the BlackBerry maker is short with Apple and Google two of the largest players in the field serious rivals to RIM with the iPhone and Android operating systems.
    Meanwhile, Cisco is looking to streamline its business and Microsoft is working with Nokia to develop its Windows Phone software.
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    What really does RIM have to offer?

    They have:

    1. BB IM - what everyone on BB would miss if they folded.
    2. MDaemon - Mail Server that walk and talks just like an Exchange Server replacement I've used personally and setup for two of my clients.
    3. QNX - excellent platform and great on a larger scale, but showing its age on mobile hardware
    4. Business Clients - almost forgot what made RIM what it is today....Business Clients! Though they like LG customers are leaving fast and hard for more options and simply better mobile interfaces.

    Everything else they have is simply a shade of someone else. Everyone I know using RIM is jumping ship this fall and probably moving to IOS or Android unless RIM or someone else steps up soon.

    RIM is a big company and still has a lot of money behind their brand, so you never know and thankfully this is not webOS. Sorli...
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    Besides patents, RIM doesn't really have anything to offer for a buyer in the new mobile market, thus why they are struggling. Their still worth too much for a private firm to save so things are gonna stay grim for them for a long while unless they all the sudden do what Palm did and make a new relevant mobile platform before they bleed to death.
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