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    ok so I havenít heard any new about sprint getting any of Hps' new devices. Sucks , and the android htc evo 3d looks pretty nice. plus i donít want to get another out of date phone like i did with the first PalmPre. It'll still be missing loads of features from the Android iPhone juggernauts have Iím pretty sure. So who coming with me????????
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    **for** not fro sorry typo dont judge me
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    Pre3 or FrakenPre2
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    I already Pre- was on its last leg and HP's refusal to announce anything has me to make the decision to finally switch...

    I stuck with the Pre over the first Evo and felt like I made a mistake. Won't happen again.

    Android will take some getting used to...
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    If my frankenpre dies I'll switch carriers.
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    me too, sticking with webos, going for att. i will only hold out if the rumored slab phone for srpint gets announced in july..... but even then i have my reservations. wimax tech seems to have more draw backs and i am not sure if the positives outweigh it.
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    Left for the Nexus S 4G. Solid little phone. Phone call quality is also amazing compared to Pre. I can hear people over my loud-a** off road tires when driving.
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    Nope. I'll stay with my Pre minus or leave to another carrier. Evo 3D is too much of a gimmick for me. I'd rather have a Galaxy line or just wait for a better HTC model that isn't a gimmick.
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    Sorry, no clunky Android OS for me.
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    Looked at the 3d but I agree it's too gimmicky. Might just get a nexus s but would love a galaxy s 2.

    I have an optimus s right now and besides 3d games it does so much more than my Pre... or the Veer can do.

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    A dual core 1.2GHz CPU, 1 gig of RAM, and a super LCD screen is gimmicky?
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    Been there, done that, hated life, came back.
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    Not sure yet, haven't tried that phone yet, but thinking about it.
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    Got mine yesterday. I'm enjoying it right now the way I enjoyed our Nook Color once rooted - its a fun toy and having many of the apps I was missing is nice. The 3d photos are kind of fun but not the most pleasant to take (camera re-focusing throws off your eyes on the 3D so you have to constantly adjust). Watching professional 3D video is actually pretty impressive and pleasant - especially some YouTube 3D videos created specifically for 3D.

    I expect I will get annoyed with Android the way I did on the Nook Color and crave the enjoyment of webOS. Hopefully HP can announce some things in the next 30 days to get me to return this, or put something out later on that will convince me to sell this and go back to webOS.

    I was pondering waiting for a Photon or Within, but am glad I tried the Evo 3D. I may or may not use 3D much, but its a little something extra that makes it more interesting to me.
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    Best Buy stores are on a tight allocation of 60 EVO 3D's unless they had pre-orders above that.There are just over 1100 Best Buy Stores in the US and the average store took just over 40 pre-orders.

    Each Sprint dealers store was allocated just enough to fill Pre-orders which averaged 31 per store. Sprint Corporate stores received more. There are just over 20,000 Sprint stores.

    RadioShacks are on a tight allocation of 15 per store unless they had pre-orders over that. There are 4400 US stores and pre-orders average 12 per store.

    How many usints is that just in these three channels?

    Best Buy = 60 x 1100 = 66,000 (44,000 pre-orders)

    Sprint = 31 x 20,000 = 620,000 (all 620,000 pre-orders)

    RadioShack = 15 x 4400 = 66,000 (52,800 pre-orders)

    We have no idea how many were pre-ordered through,, or The rumor was that alone took over 100,000 EVO 3D pre-orders.

    How many EVO 3D's were pre-ordered?

    There were at least 816,000 EVO 3D pre-orders and probably over 1,000,000.

    There are now 10,000 posts in the Android Central HTC EVO 3D forum, almost all in the past week. See the Palm webOS Homebrewer's Guide to Android to see how Android features compare.

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