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New Type of Android Malware Spotted In the Wild

By DAN ROWINSKI of ReadWriteWebJune 21, 2011

New Type of Android Malware Spotted In the Wild - NYTimes.com

According to mobile security company Lookout, there is a new version of Android malware in the wild and this one is a little bit different from what has come before.

Known as GGTracker, the application can be downloaded from the mobile browser through an advertisement that brings users to a page that is set up to look like the Android Market. Once a user has downloaded the GGTracker Tracker Trojan it sends SMS messages to premium subscription services that would normally require online registration.

The clever bit in this new malware is the fake Android Market installation screen. Yet, since it is not the actual Android Market, it is doubtful that Google can reach into users phones to automatically disable the Trojan, the way the company did with the DroidDream malware that struck earlier this year. We have contacted Lookout and Google to see if this is a possibility.