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    I've been waiting for my 22 month upgrade. I can't afford to buy a new phone at full price every year. Loyalty has nothing to do with it.
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    I'm not a premier customer, I don't get yearly upgrades. "Early adopters" in the same situation that I'm in received their 22 month upgrades in April.

    I feel sorry for those that are premier customers and didn't use their yearly upgrade last June. You basically threw money away waiting for a new WebOS phone that quite likely may never come to Sprint.
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    I just got an Evo 3D to repalce my launchday Pre. The chargeport crack just appeared a few weeks ago(unfortunately spreading to the screen), otherwise this launchday Pre has had no hardware issues. I'll use the Pre to supplement the E3d.

    I'm no programmer, but I will need to port the sms and email clients from webos over to android. I'm already missing the swipe-to-delete gestures.
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    I upgraded to the Nexus S 4G, and I'm very happy with the phone overall. Android is no where near as refined as webOS, but it has a lot more apps that I use regularly AND I haven't been forced to get a warranty replacement yet LOL (I was on my 4th Pre-). If HP ever decides to give us decent hardware on Sprint then I will consider coming back, but until then I'm stuck with Android.
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    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    I'm a long time Palm fan and have continuously owned a palm device since my first palm pilot in 1997 through treo 600, treo 755 then pre (I was an enthusiastic launch week owner and stuck with it through many replacements). The evo delivers more fully on the promise of a powerful all in one mobile computing and communication tool that Palm pioneered.

    With no appealing palm update in sight on sprint I decided to get an evo 3d via the premium program on June 23rd. It's wonderful. Battery lasts all day (I usually turn off 4g when I'm not using it but not always...), screen is irresistible, you get a full web experience, documents like powerpoint etc are completely readable and there is little to no wait when you go to execute an action or open a program. It also does nifty things like take accurate dictation and obey voice commands on the first try. It's a treat.

    Some of the navigation experience is not quite as elegant as webos but after one day of use you will find the upside of the many things it lets you do far outweigh the occasional need for an extra click here and there. And with a little use the shortcuts become natural.

    I really expected to miss the pre but tech has moved such a long way in the past two years and the many improvements since then continue to surprise and delight.

    Take one out for a test and see if you go back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan View Post
    If you are going to make a switch, you might consider the original EVO 4g, its FREE right now at Best Buy if new customer or upgrade and the specs are not THAT much below the 3D unless you want the 3D-ish stuff. 3D does have newer software and such, but if you, don't mind rooting, there is a whole lot you can do with the 4g. Photos i have seen from the 3D look nicer overall than on the 4g.
    processor is MUCH faster on the 3d. Not just "dual core" but also improved GPU (adreno 220) and an improved architecture. the 1 gig of ram also helps. Havent had one slowdown yet and ive had my evo 3d for over a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NABRIL15 View Post
    evo-converts. keep the comments coming. Help us undecided Pre- folk make the jump to something!!

    I ask. Are there themes for the EVO? Can it be customized/patched like our Pre's can?
    YES! tons of themes in the app catalog. Even HTC sense has a few different backrounds that can be swapped. They have a community just like webos
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    I bought an EVO 3D on launch day. I absolutely love it. Man if feels good to have flash video and the ability to stream Netflix in HD, as well as HBO and Cinamax. I'm waiting for the HDMI cable to arrive but I have big plans for that too. I popped in a 32gig micro sd card and now I have my music collection, the dramatized NIV Bible, a huge collection of recorded speeches and seminars - basically everything I want. I don't care about the 3D but people who check out my phone think it's exciting. This thing is blazing fast. Evernote is a dream on this phone. I can quickly search my 3000 files on evernote and open them on the phone, including PDF files and document files. I can also email these files to others directly from my phone. I can also make evernote entries on the fly and take photos that are instantly uploaded to evernote.

    Pandora now has ads, which is a bummer but not a big deal. Voice recognition is so cool on this phone. I have to say the keyboard is a draw but I do miss being able to flick open the phone to turn on the screen.

    There is a program called tasker which is basically like mode switcher. It's a little harder to configure but I believe it has more options. This is not a criticism of mode switcher which is a landmark app for the Pre.

    If webOS delivers better hardware, apps and user experience I'll come back but I'm having a blast in the mean time.


    The large screen makes life so much easier when browsing the web, reviewing or editing documents or controlling my PC via remote desktop. The remote desktop app I am using is much easier, faster and more powerful than using EZRemote via Classic.

    People can scoff all they want about 4G but I don't ever want a phone without 4G (or better) again. When downloading large files or streaming HD video it makes the process fast and easy. 4G is easy to toggle on/off if you are trying to conserve battery. You can also use tasker to control it automatically based on variables you choose.

    I do miss the touchstone, especially the one mounted in my vehicle. However, I'm working on a '"homebrew" docking station for the car that will not utilize inductive charging but be nearly as convenient.
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    Just a matter of time before being banned - simply because I recognize that HP is killing WebOS.
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    Is there an equivalent of doctoring for Android? Whether to fix something or to do it just to clean the phone periodically?
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    I have had my Pre- since launch and have been with Palm for years starting with the Treo 600 or 650 (I can't remember). I thought that I would miss it but I don't.

    I miss some things about WebOS but I do not miss the Pre at all. I was disappointed with the announcement of the Pre3 but was willing to give it a shot...the silence from HP is something that I cannot deal with...

    Once I realized that I can always switch back or get the Pre4 (if there ever is one) it made it a no brainer to finally move on.

    E3D has been a delight and I don't regret the decision at all...
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