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    Whose to say perhaps this author is correct....please us the link to reach the balance of this article.

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    RIMís Blackberry Can Rise Again
    Wolfgang Gruener in Business on June 18

    Investors and analysts have torn Research In Motion (RIM) and its already wounded Blackberry brand into pieces following a more than disappointing quarter. Sales are slowing considerably and have turned into a decline, suggesting that RIM could be the next Apple roadkill. We disagree, as long as RIM returns to old strength and remembers why consumers fell in love with Blackberrys.

    Not too long ago, there was little RIM could do wrong. The company released pathetic, half-baked smartphones such as the Blackberry Pearl and there was no reason to believe that anyone would dare to give it a bad review. Those times are over and RIM carelessly gambled away its huge market advantage within three years. The common analysis is that RIM was in denial that it had phones that were inferior to the iPhone, which ultimately sent the Blackberry down the path of Nokia and Palm.
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    this guy sure has a lot of confidence for RIM, with what seems like disdain for palm. All I have to say is I hope he's got it all backwards. =P

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