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    Nokia may have pointed a gun to Symbian's head and forced the aging operating system to commence a 2 year death march, but that hasn't stopped the engineers at the Finnish handset maker to try to come up with innovative new features
    Innovative new features? Hello, webOS here, been here for two years with Universal Search (we call it Just Type now).

    Launch maps? WebOS does that.
    Find Wifi? WebOS does that.
    Search apps available in the Ovi Store? Hmm, that's a nice feature... That webOS Internals had available for Preware (before the app catalog feeds were gutted).

    Oh well, at least Symbian is on its way out, like the other blatant webOS copycat (lookin at you, Playbook).

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    You can search the App Catalogue from Just Type...
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    Quote Originally Posted by markstuart View Post
    You can search the App Catalogue from Just Type...
    Launch and Search, yes. What Preware does is Application Search - whatever query you put in Just Type is used to search an app's database for matching results and returned to you immediately (like in the Nokia video). So you could launch directly to the app in Preware, and then launch the app catalog to the app from Preware, which is better than just Launch and Search.

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