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    Wow... you guys read this yet?

    Deep Shot transfers open websites from desktop to mobile, sans wizardry -- Engadget

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Wasn't sure where else to put it.

    Obviously this is implemented totally different (and not nearly as cool). Can't help but notice, not one mention of HP's Touch To Share in the article or comments.
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    Too bad it needs an app on both the phone and PC. Plus, any app wanting to get in the game would need to be modified somehow.

    TTS is a much more elegant solution and if supported by APIs, webOS developers would benefit immensely. And us consumers too!
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    Anyway, I probably just noticed this being a webos fan. Just took 1 look at the interest in sharing a web page and I chuckled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Neato! trick
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    This is kind of a fun approach but admittedly limited to only device/pc's with the same app on each and only two websites can be shared. It shows how much pent up demand there is for NFC features.

    HP has promised Touch To Share between two webOS devices with the same paired profile registration being able to pass a website URL.

    RIM's BlackBerry Bridge is also just starting out but right now is not a luxury but a necessity with email, contacts, and BlackBerry Messaging missing from the Playbook.

    Both seem to be subsets of Near Field Communication. If the TouchPad does have the NFC chip as many believe then homebrewers should be able to make the TouchPad do anything that NFC allows:
    • File Sharing: Tap NFC devices to share a contact, photo, song, app, video, or website link.
    • Electronic business card: Tap NFC devices to share electronic business cards or resumes
    • Mobile gaming: Tap one NFC device to another to enter a multiplayer game.
    • Bluetooth: Instant Bluetooth Pairing.
    • WiFi: Instant WiFi Configuration configure. Just tap an NFC enabled router.
    • Read NFC tags for info or an audio or video presentation at a museum, monument, or retail display.

    Homebrew developers should be able to make the TouchPad work with any other TouchPad or Pre 3, even if they are not registered to the same person. From there it is a small step to compatibility with other devices. But passing a URL is just the beginning if this is NFC. See the Wiki NFC article.

    To see the demo of NFC reading a tag, sharing a contact, sharing an app, initiating a game, and handing off a video mid-stream see the first minutes of the video from How to NFC.

    I cannot think of any reason for Inventec to have not included the full NFC chip in the TouchPad. Inventec has done this before in other devices. The NXP chip is only $4. HP is a sponsoring member of NFC.

    If Inventect used the NFC chip they used before, homebrewers will be able to make the TouchPad do anything.
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    OK, just so there's no further confusion, the TTS functionality is Bluetooth based. There is no NFC chip in the TouchPad.
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    How do you know it is not NFC?

    TTS is like a software emulation of NFC?

    If TTS is induced by the physical bump of accelerometers then TTS is more like Bump?

    If TTS is Bluetooth pairing tied to a single profile, then there would be no reason to share a contact, photo, song, app, or bringing someone else into a game. The two devices would already have to have the same resources.

    Automatic Bluetooth Pairing would be out as would Instant WiFi Configuration and you couldn't read NFC tags, do payments, boarding passes, or tickets?
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    It has been mentiond, since the HP February announcement event, that TTS uses bluetooth tech to transmit data between two devices, who have been previously paired.

    HP's Touch to Share eyes-on, starring the TouchPad and HP Pre 3 (video) -- Engadget

    To further the point that TTS is not NFC (or rather, that Bluetooth is not NFC), sayeth the wikipedia:

    NFC and Bluetooth are both short-range communication technologies which are integrated into mobile phones. As described in technical detail below, NFC operates at slower speeds than Bluetooth, but consumes far less power and doesn’t require pairing.
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    Pure Bluetooth does not require physical contact. TTS does. Once Bluetooth is paired you just need to be back within 10-20 meters and the devices automatically pair again.

    TTS is different. It does not automatically pair. Physical contact is required for TTS then Bluetooth pairing does the rest.

    Does TTS use NFC to establish the Bluetooth connectivity with all the power of NFC?

    Or is TTS a software emulation like Bump using accelerometers?
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