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    Hey all,
    My mom is shopping for a new smartphone (she is in her late forties) and needs something very user friendly. She is not tech savvy (although not ridiculously non tech-savvy; she can figure out how to use things if you show her).
    So, discussion went to free smartphones on AT&T. Of course I am considering the Veer, but I know all about it already so I want some opinions on the two other phones I am considering: Quantum or Captivate.
    Basically it comes down to usability. Which is more user friendly and intuitive; which allows you to get things done very quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss? (Basically, what is as close to webOS-efficient). She doesn't really care about apps; she has never owned a smartphone before but what I can see her doing is: heavy email, web browsing, maybe music. We will get her the 200MB data plan. I know that if I want her to get the easiest to use phone I should really get the Veer, and I'm considering it, but I don't think she'll go for the screen. And the Pre3 will most likely not be free when it comes out, and she's sitting on an upgrade and impatient.
    I could also be talked into getting her an Inspire, if people think it is really that much better than the Captivate, but it is more expensive.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Probably considered blasphemy here, but I would not recommend WebOS for a smartphone newbie. I'd stick with WP7, or go with Android from a manufacturer that provides a slick and intuitive interface like Motorola's Blur or Sony's Rachael.

    Take a look at the Samsung Focus, Motorola Bravo, and Sony Xperia X10A.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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