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    Previously it was announced that the Desire would get Gingerbread, but now it's otherwise.

    HTC says Desire will not be getting upgrade to Gingerbread |

    ...deja vu, anyone?
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    Root and slap 2.3.4 on it, for those who actually care about this. The people over at XDA are miracle workers.
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    The right thing to do would be to offer an optional stock Gingerbread update. I understand why HTC wouldn't want to wreck their branding (especially since people genuinely like using HTC Sense) by doing that, though.
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    That's what many people have been saying across the internet and I agree with that. But until that happens it is a way for people to get sense 3.0 and android 2.3 or Stock 2.3 on their desires. And that's XDA. Of course that would be for the tech savvy folk, but I assume the people who are looking for the update are the tech savvy people anyway.
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