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    Barnes & Noble of the future: The NOOKCafe
    By Scott Raymond | June 7, 2011, 3:00am PDT

    Barnes & Noble of the future: The NOOKCafe | ZDNet

    It’s no secret that brick and mortar bookstores have a bumpy road ahead of them. The future is not certain. Just recently, bookstore chain Borders filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. They closed 200 stores and put the business up for sale; but in this economy, it doesn’t look like anyone’s buying.

    On the other hand, Barnes & Noble shows a much stronger business, attracting Liberty Media to offer to buy B&N outright for $1 billion. Unlike Borders, B&N has a very strong online and tablet marketplace. They hold 25% of the current e-reader market, second only to Amazon and the Kindle.
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    I'm still shooting for the P|C forum suggestion for HP making Book Synergy providing Kindle, Cook, and ePub all from the same interface and allowing the consumer the option to choose.

    Kindle is great, Nook rocks, and I love ePub provided though my local library, but HP needs to offer everything to show why they are different and another solid option.

    Hopefully HP is thinking this broad with Synergy and plans to make it do everything for Info, Music, Picture, Video, and eBooks. Sorli...

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