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Nokia 2011 Analysis: The Heart has Stopped
6/7/2011 by: Tomi Ahonen

Nokia 2011 Analysis: The Heart has Stopped - Bright Side Of News*

Before continuing with reading, bear in mind that it was Stephen Elop which caused the initial shock, the heart attack. It was Stephen Elop's February 11 announcement of the end of Symbian that effectively killed the sales of Symbian in the sales channel. What Nokia has since seen, is a sales channel revolt, in effect a boycott of all Nokia phones, not just smartphones. Check this out.

All News Is Bad News
The blood is now everywhere. This is what we read everywhere. Tero Kuittinen, a telecommunication analyst writes that Nokia smartphone sales are "eroding rapidly" and the crash is happening even as the phones are now "steeply discounted" and the sales channel is simply "phasing out" Nokia sales with "no carrier support". That is carnage. If it was just one source, maybe we could dismiss it. But read what we hear from The Street who write about Nokia smartphones now saying "carriers are yanking the support of Nokia smartphones" and the higher-priced flagship phone successor to the N8, the E7 is said that its "launch is a disaster".