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1. In order not to get PM'ed to death or swamped with negative comments, I am no longer going to post an opinion with anything about Apple products. Sadly, too many Apple ****** & Fangirls get to upset, if ANYTHING negative is EVER posted.

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Apple's Macs Hit By Malware; Are iPhones Next?
by NPR Staff, June 6, 2011

Apple's Macs Hit By Malware; Are iPhones Next? : NPR

Apple's computers have been able to avoid most serious hacking attacks, but that era may be over. As Steve Jobs and his colleagues prepared for this week's developers conference, the company was also taking steps to stop a malware "phishing" program.

The ploy, says technology columnist Rich Jaroslovsky of Bloomberg News, uses an infected website to install a piece of software on Apple computers. The software then pops up a new window, with an urgent message about a security vulnerability.