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    Quote Originally Posted by genearch View Post
    The fact of the matter is that iOS just made some huge strides and with 5.0 they will be even tougher to compete.

    WebOS is not in the game because they have nothing to compete with Apple.

    They are in the "smartphone space" and have been for a few years, they just haven't brought compelling product to the table. This latest release from Apple makes the hole they are trying to dig themselves from even deeper.
    Again, there is no hole for someone who is not in the race. It's a two horse race with lots of Android models and a few iOS models. WebOS isn't in this race. If and when they choose to "attempt" to get in the race, it'll be easier to make this argument but until then, HP isn't interested in beating either one of the lead two. You can decide to NOT train all year long and still come in third in a three horse race. Will they choose to attempt to compete for 3rd? That has yet to be seen. I don't even think HP knows this, contrary to what has been said as of late. Proof is the recent announcement/flip-flop of Leo saying that they'd be interested in licensing WebOS (HTC conversation comes to mind). This contradicts what we've known HP to say about WebOS.

    HP has stated (even recently by Leo Apotheker) that they're not interested in trying to beat the lead two. They'd be happy just getting a small share for now. Nothing that HP has done recently or even announced gives any indication that they're in this sprint (no pun intended). They have a long way to go before they can even consider this race. Is it a winning strategy? Probably not. But it's not our strategy. They're still doing what Palm did with their releases. Like it or not, it's still the Palm (secret / don't leak anything, etc) way of doing things. Just fact (and of course, no one likes this practice, including myself).

    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    The problem, as I see it, is Google and Apple essentially
    move the starting line further and further ahead with each release. What we know of the Pre 3, TouchPad, webOS 2.2 and webOS 3.0 sounds like it makes for a very competent 2010 platform. The problem is Google and Apple redefined what mobile looks like in 2011.
    Point taken but again, understand that this is still Palm's way of doing things (never leading as shown by Pre3, Veer and TP that would've been great for a 2011 Feb/March release and always trying to play catch up). You'd think HP would take heed in Palm's history but nothing has indicated that the lesson has been learned.

    Honestly, I think HP would be happy with a very small slice while the big two annihilate the rest of it.
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    I know many here clamor about how Apple is just playing “catch-up” and they haven't innovated in the slightest sense here — that may be true, depending on which side of the fence you're on but do keep in mind that there was A LOT Apple didn't announce today: particularly the 1000's of new API's now available to developers and things that are still under NDA.

    By the way, what would many of you have rather liked to see today from Apple: that they didn't add any of what was demonstrated today? Actually, don't answer that. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    BB is swirling the bowl. i wonder if they got wind of the new messenging system and thats why they are making BBM available on other platforms. That's basically a white flag at that point.
    RIM is NOT making BBM available on other platforms.

    RIM bought a small 25 employee company that manages other smartphone devices.

    RIM Buys Ubitexx for Android, iOS Device Management - IT Management - News & Reviews -
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    I will be waiting for the smartphone.
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    the honest truth i believe is that hp had every intention of competing head to head with the #1 and #2. lets not kid ourselves. just like when rubi was with palm he had every intention of showing he could go head to head with his old boss and apple... he even spoke a little big when he first took the helm at palm. why the heck spend so much to be an also-ran. why go into a market if not to have the best product?

    of course as reality sets in and time for talk is over, you also have to start saying stuff like, 'we just want a piece of the pie,' or that they are not looking to be the best... you have to say that or you look like the fool being at the bottom. or you look like the rim ceo or steve ballmer that laughed at iphone 2g and the market will tank your stock for not having the vision or ability to compete.

    i think with hp changing their message from consumer to enterprise to being open to licensing... i think they realize that they are not gonna be up there... that they could be potentially spending a LOT of money for distant third... that instead of tens of millions like apple sells, if their forecasts are now in the million area from watching the other competitors... maybe they realize they are not going to get the customer support, dev support and the only way to do it is by licensing now. they are a bit broken now as a company with poor earnings show and their services section broken.

    i personally think they'll need to license out webos... and they better do it before it's too late. ios is a monster. android is a monster. win8 tablet looks very promising and i wouldnt count them out now. webos... they are all by themselves and if it takes them this long just to bring two phones and one tablet to market... they're toast. imo.
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    I love it. Just switched over from Pre to Iphone 4 and my biggest gripe was notifications. I dont care if they stole it from webOS, Android or whoever. All I care about is that I have a great product in my hands(iPhone4) that just got a whole lot better. And one thing is for sure webOS just lost a lot of the advantages it had over iOS.

    How does it feel to get beat before you make a move. HAHA
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    I am a little perplexed at the "competition" amongst CONSUMERS. I honestly do not derive any special feeling from having the #1 phone vs the #5 phone. All I care about is having a reliable phone that does what i need (want?) it to do, does it in a way that pleases me, and makes my life a bit easier / more enjoyable.

    I understand that HP, Apple, Google, MS, etc do indeed care about competition.....but, I do not.

    So long as my phone maker (OS provider) is in the business long enough to support my phone, I have no skin in the game. A lot of these "innovations" are 'cool', but not required. And, most OS' will copy the better features.

    iOS people...REJOICE
    Android people...REJOICE
    BB people...REJOICE
    webOS people...REJOICE

    If my Pre- were more reliable and had longer battery life, I would be quite content with it. It does all i NEED and much of what I WANT.
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    HP will have to spend a lot of money and be very nimble to get third place in the smartphone market. They will be competing with Microsoft for that spot. Microsoft's deal with Nokia will sell hundreds of millions of phones by itself.

    Hundreds of millions of phones plus Microsoft's developer tools and relations will create a viable ecosystem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chekmate View Post
    If HP just wanted a small slice, then why buy a new platform? The cost will be too much just to accommodate that small slice. The cost to buy Palm will just be a fraction of what they'll have to spend to operate a webOS ecosystem that can compete with anyone much less the top two.

    The message from HP started out as webOS for consumers and windows for enterprise. It's changed since then. Next time they spoke, it was webOS for enterprise and how wonderful it is that they can customize it specifically for enterprise needs. Then next they spoke, they're open to licensing. Every time HP speaks they contradict what they've said in just previous weeks. And they'll never be specific wanting to keep their options open. We're "open" to anything that comes along.

    Abandoning users and devs. Making things right. Who their target market is. What they'll do. When they'll release something. What their short term plans are. Which carriers they might support. Number one plus. No, not that, now its being number 3. It's all subject to change at any time.

    With just weeks before the Touchpad and webOS 3, we still haven't seen in much detail what they're hoping we'll buy into. As a consumer & business user, I have no choice but to stay away from webOS until HP figures things out. I'd recommend the same to any of my clients. As an investor, I wouldn't touch HP right now (with mgmt being so wishy washy with/and webOS a going concern) but there could be a right time later.
    A small slice of the mobile market (thought this was understood, I should have been clearer). They didn't buy WebOS for cell phones alone. WebOS to HP has a wider, broader market. They want it to interface across a multitude of products. Cell phones are just one of them. That's why they bought WebOS. It's obvious in what they've done so far. They're not aggressively pursuing the top two mobile platforms. Much to the dismay of WebOS enthusiasts who want to larger portion of WebOS for cell phones, that's just not what HP ONLY wants.

    As for your quote (that I placed in bold), that's a great point. My sentiments exactly.

    However, lets get back on topic. This thread is about iOS.
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    to me the biggest move from apple is to support iPhone 3GS and other older models (iPad, touch)!

    I feel so angry and betrayed by palm/hp for not supporting pre plus users. Apple showed them how to treat customers correctly which eventually is in the best interest of everyone (users, devs, apple)! Apple could have easily said all these updates will be supported on iPhone 4 & 5 or even just iPhone 5 and everyone would have still accepted it (atleast me). I think this is great business 101 lesson to all the other competitors be it palm/Nokia/motorola etc.
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