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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    Maybe he should try the Evo or Epic. I don't use Facebook enough(Zuckerberg is worrying me lol) but I believe I did see Facebook contact sync options when I set up my phones. Also I have a Facebook feed option on the current phone and I believe I saw this on the Intercept too.

    I have to say this is a bit childish of Google though, inconveniencing customers over a dispute.
    Only Nexus S 4G has this disabled so Epic 4G would be fine since Currently it is on froyo and Samsung can add it back into Gingerbread if it wants (probably will).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dattero View Post

    milominderbinder thx for your post about the android enhancements. Helps me alot

    I come from the symbian world and right know trying to figure out if I should go the webOS or the android way.
    I installed both emulators on my pc and give them an exesive try. By now I must say that vanilla Android looks and feels very ugly. But as you stated out, there is an app for every wish one can possibly have.
    so @sorli: I can definitively see why people get attracted by Android. Coming from Symbian I really like the widget idea. It really helps a lot not having to start the calendar app to get reminded on events. And when you don't like the calendar app (or any other) you could change it very easily (there is an app for that).
    WebOS is really good in most ways. But if you want an alternative way to do things you get stucked. There are patches. They enhance things, but they do not change anything fundamentally.
    And multitasking is great, but when you have more than 3 apps open, you most definitively do need more strokes to get things done than on android. As far as I know there is no patch/app in webOS which rearrange cards, or another alternative for calendar and so on. Android on the other side has caught up. SE phones for example have a feature called "Type and share". Sounds familiar, doesn't it.

    Nevertheless I find myself more in the webOS Emulator. It simply gives you more pleasure (fluent, organic) when using it and, like I stated out, it's more eye-candy (at least in the vanilla variant).
    When I got it right, there are ways to show your agenda on the back round image. I'll try this out.
    As a matter of fact I really do want to get the Veer (like the form factor) If I can type on it properly. And I do hope that more users lead to more apps. But like I said, I think webOS has some design decisions, which make it very hard to do certain things (widgets, "real" apps (they have to do pdk apps for real deep apps), multitasking resulting in the need of many strokes when having more apps open and so on).

    (btw.: the android phone I'm looking at is the Xperia mini pro)
    You can try any Android Phone for 30 days (with Sprint) but IMHO multitasking on Android is a pain and while Android phones initially seem to be a bit faster everything I need to do I can do it faster on my PRe even with it being slow overall.

    With Pre it is easier to search using just type from anywhere e.g. to dial someone already in the contacts I just start typing their name (or nick name) and they show up. Android offers something similar but it is not as polished (just like their their version of synergy) just passable nothing stellar.

    To search the web or wikipedia I do the same. It is the same step to send an sms. Once you get used to it it is really hard to get used to Android.

    Multitasking on android is a pain for me and mostly because I use multitasking for copy and paste majority of the time and this is always a big unknown whether I will be able to get back to my programs in the same state I left them.

    WebOS has some very subtle touches in every native app that just make it wonderful to use and incredibly hard to get used to something else. I have had my Epic 4G for 6 months and I am still trying to get used to it. I guess it doesn't help that I have my Pre with me as an ipod touch variant all the time .
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    I got the nexus s on august 3rd for the best buy free w/ contract extension deal. I'm pleasantly surprised! The speed and numerous options have got me barely missing my pre -. There's an app for everything. And the customization is great! Miss some features but welcome some new ones
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanucme View Post
    ...Miss some features but welcome some new ones
    From the other Nexus S 4G thread...
    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    The Nexus S 4G is am unlocked developer phone. It is like a hot rod stipped down for speed. The first thing a developer will do is take out the enginer and put in their own (ROM).

    So the Nexus S is missing features that are standard in other Android phones.
    - No Facebook sync (no photos, no contacts, no status updates, no notifications)
    - No Speed Dial (standard on dumbphones since the 1990's)
    - No Smart Dial
    - No Notification LED
    - No Camera Zoom
    - No Email Search
    - No Contact Group Management
    - No FM Radio
    - No Visual Voicemail
    - No HDMI
    - No microSD
    - Limited video formats
    - Texts limited to 160 characters
    - Limited Browser Zoom

    Here are the Nexus S Facebook, LED, microSD, Email, Text, & Camera Workarounds. Other current flagship Androids have these standard features. See the Phone Comparison.

    For how to customize Cards, Multitasking, Just Type, Synergy, Notifications, etc. see the Palm webOS Homebrewer's Guide to Android. There are more resources in the Android Getting Started.
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    to each his own. my friend had a pre and a pixi so he had webos experience. He has a nexus and raves about it. i thought it was ok. but hey to each his own. buy what you like.
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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