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    If you are on Sprint, have you considered the Replenish? It is free at Best Buy and has no monthly data fee, just the normal added line fee a dumbphone has. It is the Pixi form-factor so is very durable. He might like Artic Blue. The solar charger back is perfect for all-day tournaments.
    The Replenish requires a data plan. Sprint has forgone the $10 premium data add-on, but you still must have a data plan. The cheapest (individual) plan for the Replenish is Everything Data 450 at $70 a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jg123 View Post
    A nice dumbphone is the LG VX8300 for $40 on Activate it on with a cheap plan.
    Well if you're going to do that I'd say one of the $50 Pixis and do the PagePlus service through And of course disable the data service in the settings.

    If you want a prepaid with data service, Boost Mobile, T-mobile prepaid, or Virgin Mobile would probably be the best choices. All 3 have their own cheap, locked, prepaid phone options that offer good texting phone calls or smartphones or T-mobile prepaid has the EDGE option for any unlocked GSM phone you want to pick up somewhere. sells random cheap unlocked GSM phones every now and then.
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    i can only laugh at the folks who believe there is a set age where phones become appropriate. 1) no 2 kids are the same 2) times have changed.

    I understand there is a certain amount of fear, because there are no precedents for this kind of thing. Technology has never been this readily available. But raising a child now is not the same as it was when you were a child. Its a completely different world. You might argue that it has changed for the worst... And your parents probably said the same thing when you were coming up.
    I told my kids they can have a phone as young as they want.... But they have to pay the monthly charges...

    its all about opportunity cost.
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    I told my kids they can have a phone as young as they want.... But they have to pay the monthly charges...

    its all about opportunity cost.
    can't argue with that. And their are some parents that reward their kids with even the monthly charges for various reasons. In either case there's no guarantee that the kids will turn out good/bad spoiled/appreciative etc. for all you know he might be learning the opportunity cost lesson from something else. cell phones aren't the end-all-be-all of child raising.

    my parents provided me with plenty of things that were not NECESSITY without requiring me to make and spend my own money (including my own home phone line. then later, a cell phone). But it was always clear that these things were privileges and not entitlements. Access to these things in no way limited my ability to "strive" for my own things nor have they prevented me from surviving as an adult upon leaving the house.

    its pretty silly to assume a cell phone would definitely lead to such disaster.
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    My 11 year old daughter has had a Pixi for about a year and a half. She has taken care of it very well. She currently is using my old Launch Day Pre but she really liked the smaller size of the Pixi and really wants to switch back but 2.1 and the additional apps keeps her with the Pre. The Pre just does not handle the bumps and drops as well.

    From what I saw the Pixi is a better choice as it seems to handle the drops much better, lighter weight and the back cover wraps around the phone which protects it more. She had to always carry it in a case. Pixi's are pretty cheap on E-Bay.

    I don't know what to say about limiting access to apps or data.
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