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    Gartner's Worldwide Mobile OS Sales data shows that Android has an expanding lead.

    In the first quarter of 2011, Android averaged 400,000 activations/day, now doubling iPhone activations. At this rate, Android is signing up 145 million new users a year and the rate is climbing.
    • Android marketshare went from 10% a year ago to 36% today but is leveling off.
    • Symbian (Nokia) is losing over 1% marketshare a month.
    • RIM (BlackBerry) is losing about 1% marketshare a quarter.
    • Apple iPhone marketshare has hovered between 14 and 18% for two years.
    • Micorsoft's WM7 push has stabilized their marketshare at 4%.
    The Road Ahead
    Today there are seven Microsoft WM7 phones available with more announced. The HP Veer and Pre 3 are just hitting and the Google Phone Gallery shows that there are now 98 Android models for sale on 42 carriers from 13 manufacturers.

    There were 60 coming Androids reported on in May including the Samsung Galaxy S II, Droid X2, Samsung Hercules, LG Optimus 3D, and HTC EVO 3D. See the Phone Comparison.

    Only 2˝ years ago, Android had a 1% marketshare so the market is extremely volatile.

    See Gartner, Inc. Research Reports: 1Q2011, 2010. 3Q2010, 2Q2010, 1Q2010, 4Q2009, 3Q2009, 2Q2009, 1Q2009, etc.
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    Man now it seems only a matter of time RIM will be purchased by big company like Cisco.
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    Another study put RIM growing at a faster rate than the smartphone industry in the last quarter.

    Apple Defies Decline in Smart Phone Market, Posts Best Growth Among Top Brands in Q1
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    The line about Android activations reminded me of this quote from the naked scientist(great podcast btw)

    ‘The number of Elvies Presley impersonators has reached an all-time record high – there are now at least 85,000 Elvis’s around the world, compared to only 170 in 1957 when he died. At this rate of growth, experts predict that by 2019 Elvis impersonators will make up a third of the world population.’
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    You can see clearly that Android marketshare is leveling off. They grew by 8% in a quarter, then 7%, then 6%, then 5%. I bet next quarter they only take 4% more marketshare. As they push over 40% world-wide, growth become almost unsustainable because so much of production is then going to replacing previous phones.

    As Nokia and BlackBerry continue to fall, it is mostly Android and Apple that are taking their marketshare.

    Also note that there were about 101 million new smartphones activated last quarter out of 427 million total sales. Android has 36% of smartphone sales which are less than 25% of total sales for just under 9% of the total phones sold.

    Android has less than a 9% marketshare of the entire cellphone market.

    Plus the installed base of cellphones in the world is over 5 billion per the UN. Only ˝% of the installed base of phones were replaced with Androids last quarter.

    A great, easy to use GSM phone would have a huge world market for converting over dumbphones.
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    More bad news for RIM:

    Federal government loosens its grip on the BlackBerry

    RIM needs an Android handset.

    Gather those daisies...
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    Right now, nothing says "old guy" like owning a BlackBerry. You might as well be wearing a Viagra polo shirt.

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