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    Precisely --- thousands. Easy to say that the Asus Transformer is sold out if they only shipped thousands of units to online stores. We ain't talking about a lot of units if there is no distribution to brick and mortar stores.
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    The Playbook is $500. It has a low def screen, no microSD, and only 720p record. See the comparison:
    HP TouchPad vs. iPad 2, Xoom, PlayBook, Galaxy 10, Acer, Asus

    The Playbook will continue to sell until the last of the BB lovers each buys one.

    Watching a BlackBerry rep trying to sell the Playbook at Best Buy with the $449 Acer Iconia sitting right there was just painful. I felt bad for the guy.

    I have two friends who are IT managers for mid-size companies. The first company began transitioning to iPhones this past winter. The other who oversees 1350 phones had an iPhone 4 last weekend too.

    The BlackBerry stranglehold was broken at the second company right after BlackBerry admitted that the older phones won't get the new updates. "If we are going to have to buy new phones, it might as well be what everyone wants."

    At both companies about 1 in 10 employees are sticking with BlackBerry when they get the chance to go to the iPhone 4.

    A year ago, BlackBerry had a 19.3% world-wide smartphone market share.

    Today BlackBerry is down to 12.9%, losing 1/2% a month.

    Unless someone buys them out, the BlackBerry Time Of Death will be June, 2013.
    You need to do more homework, I see more red highlights in the touchpads colum. I own three of those tablets on the chart and the playbook is my favorite one and has the best picture by far..
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    After the fiasco of the Storm (destroyed in the reviews), quite possibly the worst phone I have ever had the displeasure to use - rushed out half finished - and screw the consumer - they deserve everything they get.
    Ha, you don't know the half of it. Part of my job involves working with various phones. Having done a stint in medical (not a pun, stent would have been a pun) software, I can tell you that high quality software is very expensive. Most consumer product companies don't want to spend that much on hardware / software procedures or testing, so almost every phone is crap. I challenge anyone to read the reviews on any phone, and tell me how many you read before you see "the battery lasts two hours" or "I have to reset it three times a day". It is just too expensive to manufacture consistent / low bug stuff, and there are so many layers for things to go wrong.

    I bought the Storm for my niece. She was always rebooting it, but at her age she wasn't so picky. It certainly isn't helping RIM that VZ charged me an extra $10/month just for having a BB on my account. I promise you she wasn't using BBES mail.

    Having said all that, I am fairly happy with my used Pre Plus. GPS is crap. But I will definitely give the Pre3 a shot, I love WebOS.
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    I had the Storm for 6 months. In that time it rebooted at random, would disconnect calls also at random, would simply not alert on calls (so they are missed), kept getting OTA firmware updates that simply never installed, the touch screen was AWFUL, and the interface junk.

    Simply put this was a horrendous phone. Replaced FOUR times by Vodafone UK and still had continual problems. It was junk, junk, junk.

    I lost all respect for RIM. They knew how ****** the phone was yet they sent it out on its merry way to unsuspecting consumers. They screwed us over and denied any problems existed.

    I have owned perhaps Twenty devices in my lifetime, the most reliable without any doubt being the Nokia 6310i (albeit a simple device) although even my old Ericsson R380s (the first smartphone back in 2000) was far, far better (crap battery life though), and my SE P800, P910, P990i were solid if unusual looking devices. My Treo 650 was ROCK solid (and still is).

    The point is I could and did depend on them.

    The Storm made my life miserable for 6 months and I'll never forgive RIM for that. In the end I purchased a used SE P990i knowing I'd get quality at least and reliability.

    The amount of business I lost because of RIM.

    And I am not an isolated case - this happened to MANY MANY people.

    I hope they sink and fade out of existence.

    Their key market differentiator (PUSH email) is slowly being eroded away. And in the consumer market they are just "not cool" any more with mega-interfaced Androids (with its rapidly hugely rollerball development) and the iPhone (used for a week and greatly liked it).

    And as mentioned, caving in to regimes over encryption was disgusting. They have no soul. I guarantee you Apple (or at least Jobs) would not have done that, and the droid has many third-party solutions.

    BlackBerry Ban Averted as RIM UAE Strike Deal on Encryption

    Your data routed through a Government server in UAE, India and other places... and RIM have not the balls to tell you exactly what's going on.
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    I do see a lot of BB's out there now. Although, it seems like less everyday. It does appear that BB is getting left behind.
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