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    With 16GB microSD cards at about $26 and 32GB at about $55, it was a matter of time before the 64GB cards would start coming out:

    Kingmax flaunts world's first 64GB microSD card -- Engadget

    An 8GB device could be upgraded to 16GB, 24GB, 40GB, and now 72GB by using microSD cards.

    128GB SD cards are already out so the 128GB microSD cards are expected.

    Most recent Android phones and tablets have microSDHC card slots compatible with the 64GB card:

    HTC ThunderBolt, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO 4G
    -and almost all Android HTC's in the past two years in the past two years except the Nexus.

    Samsung Galaxy S II, Infuse 4G, Droid Charge
    -and almost all Android Samsung smartphones and tablets in the past two years except the Nexus S.

    • Almost all Android Motorola's in the past 2 years (X, X2, Pro, Atrix, Xoom, etc.) except the Droid.

    LG Optimus 3D and almost all LG Android's in the past two years.
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    I did some more reaserch to see what exact phones are microSDHC (64GB compatible).

    The Windows 7 phones are all microSDHC.

    The Samsungs are microSDHC: Epic, Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate, Infuse, Function, Within, Continuum, Transform, Galaxy S II, Tab, Tab 8.9, Tab 10.1, the "free" Replenish, etc. But not the cardless Nexus S.

    The HTC phones and tablets are microSDHC: EVO,EVOShift, Flyer, View, Thunderbolt, Inspire, Sensation, Merge, Aria, Incredible, etc. But not the cardless Nexus.

    All LG's seem to be microSDHC: Revolution, Thrive, Phoenix, Thrill, Vortx, Fathom, Ally, and all of the Optimus variations.
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